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    Hi all. I spoke to my stepson's mother yesterday, oh how heartbreaking. I felt her pain through the phone, she and her family are utterly devastated. She told me that the baby died from human error!!!! As I told you all before the baby was born with a heart defect and would need several surgeries, well you would think that had something to do with the baby's death - right? Nope. Because the baby was in the NICU he was hooked up to all kinds of monitors that beep with any movement. The nurse in charge of watching the baby neglected to check on him when she heard the beep. He was choking on his vomit and the damn nurse never went in to help him!!! My stepson's mom told me the nurse had absolutely no remorse, no tears and there was no apology given to the family. She is getting a lawyer, she wants to make sure this nurse loses her job and can't do this to any other family. I just can't imagine the pain she feels, she said her husband fell on top of her when he heard the news. He couldn't lift his legs to walk, she said she had to almost drag him down the hallway. My heart aches for them. To know that this maybe could've been prevented must eat at them horribly!!! It's eating at me and I'm removed from the situation. Anyway I just wanted to give you all an update. Thanks again for all of your support.

    God bless. :)
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    How horrible!!!! The first thing that popped into my head when you said human error was that this was another Heparin baby. But for someone to not bother to check on a monitor alarm? Inconceivable.

    I know it won't help them any but I hope they get a good lawyer and can prevent this from happening to someone else.
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    With no remorse, I'd contact the District Attorney and see if they can file criminal neglect charges. That woman should rot for not having the decency to at least show some type of emotion. Granted, the hospital legal team probably told her not to, but human is human.

    I'm so sorry for their entire family.

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    How sad! I agree, that nurse has no business in her not check an alarm? What is wrong with her? Sending hugs and prayers to the family.
  5. Uh Hello?? Not check an alarm??? Isn't that what the alarms are for, to alert if something is wrong? This is absolutely criminal and that nurse shouldn't be able to work in that environment (and probably an other) anymore.

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    OMG, those poor parents. And poor baby. Bizarre that the nurse was so detached.
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    This is horrible. I hope the lawyer is a good one.
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    Oh incredibly heartbreaking. They are in my thoughts...
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    No good words. Just head shaking.

    I'm not a lawyer person, but this seems a good time.

    Hugs to you all.

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    That is despicable, beyond any words I can say. I wholeheartedly think the family should sue AND the DA should bring criminal neglect charges.

    My exSIL says that she has known nurses who do things like this because they decide that the child should not go through whatever is scheduled!! She and I BOTH feel this is criminal. I can only wonder if it is what happened here. ExSIL says it is far more common than anyone would suggest, and the family rarely sues even if they find it was human error.

    PLEASE don't tell the grieving family about what my exSIL says, it will simply hurt the family more. But I thought that it might be a warning for any of us who end up in that situation.

    Please do let her know, if it comes up, that my prayers are with her family.
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    Well, that just makes this even sadder - how awful and heart breaking.

    Just a note: The staff was probably instructed NOT to offer any apologies as from a liability standpoint, an apology can be used against them for being understood as an admission of guilt (even though it's already obvious and their team of lawyers fully expect to be sued over this tragic incident). Being instructed by the higher ups to not apologize is usually the first order of business, sadly.

    I hope that those poor folks find a great lawyer who will see to it that the hospital, staff and especially that nurse are punished to the fullest extent of the law - and I am NOT the type of person who sues or goes and grabs a lawyer for anything. Ugh - this is a horrible thing.
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    Jo, I agree about the liability aspect, but the nurse could have still offered condolences and said something like, "Losing a baby is a heartbreaking thing." I cannot imagine how a lawyer would find that a liability. She's a nurse first, a witness or suspect second.
  13. hearts and roses

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    Of course she could have and should have. I was just pointing out that a hospital, though in the business of caring for people, is still a business and her bosses probably scared the bejeezuz out of her - she may have been too stunned to say anything. You just don't know what her instructions were. Our business deals with liability situations like this everyday and I know that is how big corps do things.

    She should definitely be let go and penalized by the state as well as the hospital.