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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, May 24, 2013.

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    So we have had our new little kitten in the house now for two days. She is adapting quite well. Our other cat now tries to play with her instead of hissing at her everytime she sees her. The kitten is a little overwhelmed by our older cat's big size so she doesn't show any interest in playing with her just yet, but at least she is no longer hiding from her. She has still yet to be named. I named our older cat Lily so I thought I would let the kids pick out the name for this one. difficult child is of no help. She can't come up with any names and yet she has shot down anything I have suggested. I thought Daisy might be cute so we would have a Daisy and a Lily in the house. difficult child says it's a terrible name and no way does she like it. Then I suggested Shadow. difficult child says it's a boy's name and doesn't want that name either. My boyfriend suggested Midnight, but I know a TON of black cats named Midnight so I wanted something different. I asked easy child today what he thought we should name her. Poor thing thought that since I had gotten a new kitten, I was going to get rid of Lily and replace her. I assured him that Lily is staying and I asked him what we should name the new cat. He says he has no idea. So I thought I would take a survey and see if anybody had any good names they could suggest. Any ideas anyone?
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    How about Lacey ,Leslee, Lisa, Or a girls name beginning with L
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    If difficult child doesn't like Daisy - how about another "flower" - Rose, Iris, Violet, etc.

    Seriously though, you probably don't want my help naming your kitty. We name ours after literary characters so I have a black cat named Polixenes (yes, that's really her name). The vet's office doesn't even try to pronounce it. I take a lot of flak for my choice in kitty names :)
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    I don't really like any other flower names. I really like Daisy. If I were to ever get a female dog it's what I always wanted to name it. But seeing as we will probably be living in our tiny apartment for at least another several years, I don't think a dog is anywhere near in our future. So I thought about naming the cat the name instead. I like the name Lacey too. Other people are trying to persuade me to name her something that has to do with her color since she is all black. Others have suggested Midnight, Shadow (my personal fave) and Elvira. So I kinda feel obligated to name her something to do with her color but I'm still undecided.
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    I like Daisy ... too bad difficult child doesn't like it.
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    I once had a calico named Daisy, so I love that name. Making me probably no help.

    Our manx isn't black (she's orange and white), her name is Pepper which is short for Peppermint Patty (we were on a trend from the Pooh books, had rats named Linus and Schroeder). Black cat named Pepper? If she's feisty it might fit your fur baby too?

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    How about Dahlia? It fits both the color and flower theme, has dark overtones in general (which tend to appeal to many difficult children), and a CA theme.

    I'm surprised you're allowed two pets but I'm glad. We'd have a second cat if it was allowed.
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    I have no clue about naming cats. I name whatever comes to mind via their behavior or personality ect.

    I've had:

    Henry (King Henry)
    Willie (Prince William)
    Mr. Underfoot
    Bruce (as in Sir Bruce)

    Considering I'm not the worlds biggest cat fan..........gee, I've had quite a lot of cats. omg lol Each and everyone of them strays that adopted us.
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    Yes, if mine don't come with a name (i.e. adopted from someone who couldn't keep them) I wait until they show me their personality or name them for how they found me in some fashion. I don't go get cats (except one I found in a shelter when I was getting another one fixed there) - they find me.
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    Well easy child's favorite girl name is Amanda so he wanted to name her that. I didn't think Amanda sounded appropriate for a cat, so my boyfriend's mom suggested we call her Mandy for short. So that's her new name. So we have a Lily and a Mandy. I am getting used to the new name and it sorta fits her. I am glad that one of my kids got to name a pet for once. Usually I am the one to come up with names but I thought I would let the kids choose this time.
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    My aunt named one cat squibble, another squabble, and my Gma put her foot down about the third cat. My aunt wanted to call it Ishtabibble. Gma said she was NOT yelling "Squibble, Squabble, Ishtabibble" when she went to call the cats in at night.

    Still makes me smile to think of it. Esp considering what the relatives would have said. Nine houses full of relatives were all within one block of Gma's house, and they ALL would have laughed.