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    Well, it was a great morning. Steven woke up his normal cuddly self (usually only lasts 3-5 minutes before the morning meltdown) Made himself a cup of coffee (he loves the stuff) and sat at the table watching the birds through the window while he drank it. Made himself a bagel with peanut butter and sat and ate it. Got dressed, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. No meltdown.... Now this might not be out of the ordinary for most 10 year olds, but you all know what a glorious morning this was for a Mom of a difficult child. Now, he was fussing and fidgeting and moving at double time chattering all the way for about 30 minutes, but no meltdown.

    At psychiatric appointment yesterday the Dr warned me that Vyvanse was slower to start, but I didn't notice a difference. Concerta took about 30 min to kick in, but that 30 minutes was unbearable. Practically had to take him by the hand and lead him through the morning routine with a whip and a chair. I am curious to see if this lack of rage has any effect on the number of nightmares he has. It seemed that the worse the rebound got, the more nightmares he had. Now if I can just stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.....
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    I'm curious to know how this medication works as time goes on so keep us updated. Several people have told me about it and I'm willing to try anything but want to know more first hand experiences first.

  3. Mine has been on it for over a year. There is no rebound!! One of the added benefits is that it is difficult to abuse (not that it can't be done but is much less likely to have value to anyone with-o ADHD) as it is a "pro-drug" which only targets the specific area of the brain that requires stimulation much like chemotherapy only tags cancer cells. difficult child has been on many stimulants and this is by far the best match for him.
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    Our experience with Vyvanse has been wonderful. difficult child was on Concerta, then Adderall and then Adderall XR. Vyvanse gives him a "smoother" calmness. I don't quite know how to describe it. He still has energy and enthusiasm, but is not flat. He can focus, but is not as tense or easily frustrated as he was on the other stimulants.

    I hope your difficult child finds success with Vyvanse also.

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    I got a note home from the teacher (I get one every day) that said that he stayed on task, stayed in his chair and got along with everyone today. I am basking in the afterglow! :redface:
    This was just day one, but I am hopeful. I too noticed a smoother takeoff this morning. On Concerta, it was after he took it, but before it had reached full effect that his rages were the worst. This morning, he just calmed down. Period. I will post again tonight after He goes to bed and let yuo know if he crashes and burns.
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    Bedtime went smoothly! No nightmare! This morning he has not been on task like I wish he would, but not tantrums or rages. Just lots of happy stomping (we have wood floors so it booms through the house) Drives me crazy and he knows it, but he stopped after two reminders, not bad....
    He gets to wear his Webelos uniform to school today, hope it doesn't distract him too much. Have a great day all.
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    Had a good day at school, even with the distraction of the scouting uniform. Has been spinning like a top since I got him home though. He is very good natured about it, like he wants to pat me on the head when I tell him to stop. I am bushed. Time for love and logic, make him do my chores for hassling my nerves......
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    we have not tried that one yet, I love your avatar by the way! Hoping this medication works for you guys!
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    The weekend was great! NO Meltdowns. Started to melt Sunday morning and it just shut down. Just like that. Met birth family for the first time sunday and was expecting all kinds of emotional turmoil, but there hasn't been any. Not from either kid...... I am glad that i waited until I felt they were firmly attached to me though, Birth Mom is off drugs 4 years and doing well, has custody of all older siblings and was hoping for the return of my 2, but was disappointed. All in all I think it was a positive experience, my kids have not mentioned much, just that she seemed nice and they really liked the brothers and sisters. Vyvanse has been great so far, keeping fingers crossed!
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    I'm so glad Vyvanse seems to be helping. It has done wonders for my child as well. Good news about the positive visit with bio family...Hope good things continue to go your way...
  11. RhondaVoos

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    No more nightmares! I don't know if it is the new medication or the visit with Birth family, but we are doing great!!! I even signed the papers for camp for Steven, his Dad is going as a chaperone, so I am feeling like this will be a great oppourtunity for them. Dad went last year with our daughter and it was a great bonding time for the both of them. Vyvanse so far is doing great, he tried to have a meltdown this morning, but it just fizzled out before it even got going. He also handled the cancellation of his scout meeting with no problem (they all had the flu, so no meeting this week) He had an EXCELLENT day at school yesterday!!!!!