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    Hi Everyone. It's very hard to know where to begin with this post because so much has happened. Life has been very difficult. Our decision to wean difficult child of all medications was a very bad one. She has been cycling between hostility, which sometimes results in violence/destruction, and sadness and talk of self harm and suicide. We have been trying so hard to access local services, but here in Canada, the waiting lists are long and the process is slow. We have called the police twice, the local crisis line 3 or 4 times and have been to emerg twice because of her instability. Our last visit to the hospital was July 1. We got through 3 layers of staff and eventually ended up with a child psychiatrist but our situation did not meet criteria for admission. I wish I had asked what the criteria was, but unfortunately I completely fell apart with disappointment and fear about taking her home and I was unable to speak....I can get very messy sometimes, which really bugs me! So finally today I get a call from a nurse practitioner, that was referred to us, through the crisis line. She is said to have expertise in prescribing medications to adolescents with mental health issues. So following a 10 minutes conversation, she says she recommends we trial Zoloft and Seroquel and that she will drop off a prescription on her way to work in the morning. I find it very ironic that weeks of effort, trying to access some help, results in a quick phone call and the offer of a house call! It seemed so easy. Why did it have to take so long? Anyway, we're back on the spinning wheel. I'm afraid to be hopeful, because we've been here so many times, but the last couple of months tell me that we must keep trying until we find the right medication, because no medication was completely unbearable. I've read some posts here and other places that the Zoloft/Seroquel combination is effective for some and of course, a disaster for others.
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    I'm sorry it was so hard to access services. We were on the medication merry-go-round a very long time before we found the combination that worked. It was so hard to get the right combo. Now he has been on the same medications for a few years and while he is still a difficult child he is tons better. I hope this combo works for you!
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    I know I sound like a broken record, but try to get DNA testing done to see what medications are indicated. I just found out about it about 2 months ago. They can find out what liver enzymes each person has and how they metabolized different medications... Some people are ultra rapid metabolizes if specific medications, and then can also be slow metabolizes of other medications. Good luck.
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    Thanks Wiped Out and KSM. I'll check and see if the DNA testing is available here. Getting it right would be such a relief!
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    difficult child slept for 12 hours last up at 9:40 this morning. She took her first dose of Seroquel and Zoloft and now, 3 hours later, she's fast asleep on the couch again. That just makes me very sad. I hate everything about these drugs and hate that we need them!
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    Thank you Terry.

    What a weekend! The level of hostility she's dishing out is unbearable. husband and I left yesterday because we just couldn't take anymore. We returned 2 1/2 hrs later but she was the same, so we left again. Truly the most angry and unhappy person I've ever met and quite determined to drag us to the dark place with her.

    When we leave she immediately starts calling us on our cell phones. We used to answer and she would say things like she's going to kill or harm herself, which meant we had to return. Recently we had a couple of cameras installed though, so we don't answer and check in on her via an app on my phone. We find her listening to music on the's a head shaker!!
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    Seroquel is well known for putting people to sleep. It's generic name is quietapine notice the quiet part in there. It will take her a while to adjust to that.

    Glad to hear the cameras are helping.

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    Today has been much better. She started summer school today and came home quite euphoric and it's lasted most of the evening. Quite a contrast!!! Bipolar diagnosis is next! :) It's nice to see her smile....long may it last!! Thanks all, for your replies.
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    That was a stroke of brilliance to have cameras installed, to give yourselves the *peace of mind* to know she's not really trying to kill herself. You are wise to leave when you can.
    Yes, I agree, BiPolar (BP).
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    Another decent day! Do you think it's safe to assume the medications are kicking in? She laughed in the car on the way home and it almost made me cry! I know the Zoloft will take a few weeks but I think the Seroquel is a little more fast acting. So far no major appetite increase either. That was a problem with the Abilify. I'm trying to be positive, but not overly. A step back would be a bit crushing!