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    Hello all, I just found this site due to just receiving my "come in for review" letter concerning 21 yo SSI daughter who was receiving SSI for approx 10 years among other PTS, Schzch. paranoia . One parent is SSDI and household's only income; the other honorably caretaker for both of them and 4 other "normal" children as a bonus!

    Disabled daughter's contribution is 35% as it would be impossible to maintain household on disabled parent's and 4 dependent children's monthly rate of approx $1300; the non ssi payments. As the payee, we basically reported 35% of the housing/utilities/food from her. Our monthly rent was $650, but in April the owner gave us 10 year payment contract that the 4 br doublewide would be ours. This county's fair market rental according to the Gov't figures is about $1100 but the market wouldn't justify that, the $600-$750 max and that doesn't include utilities.

    We want to oppose the chance of the 1/3 reduction. SSI recipient isn't biological or adopted; natural parent has no work history due to disabling condition of child. Please offer suggestions and we are gratefully eternal. Also what does difficult child mean and some suggestions on establishing a profile standard for this forum. Thanks all.
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    Hi...welcome to the board. I dont know if we can answer your questions. I can tell you that difficult child is the "gift from god" or the difficult child that brings a person to the board.

    I am trying to make out exactly what you are asking us in this post. I am not an expert in SSI or SSDI and I dont know all of their rules. I dont think THEY know all of their rules to be honest.

    Your question is quite interesting.

    If I understand your situation clearly, you have a family situation with 3 adults and 4 children. One adult is on SSDI and one is on SSI. I am assuming the third one is not employed and is you?

    I would also guess or assume that you could argue a case with a 10 year contract with your rental contract as to what your rent is. What I was told by SSA was that all people in the home were responsible for 1/x amount of the costs of the home. So if you have 7 people living in the home, your 21 year old SSI housemate would be charged 1/7th. Now that is what I was told...

    I would call the SSA and talk to them.
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    I don't know squat about SSI but think Janet's on the right track to have you ask SSA directly.

    As for getting established on this site, I'd suggest you take a look at our FAQ/Board Help Forum. Here's the link:

    It will show you how to make a signature, what our acronyms mean, etc.