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    Right now the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is working on evacuating Louisiana's animal shelters.

    People that are leaving via FEMA buses and flights have to leave their animals behind. After the storm, the HSUS will be back in to rescue lost/injured pets - just as they were after Katrina along with many other animal rescue organizations.

    A lot of us here have pets that are very much a part of our family. People that are forced to leave their pets behind are devastated. The HSUS and other animal rescue groups work hard to rescue these pets.

    While we worry and pray for the safety of our neighbors in Louisiana, please let's not forget the beloved pets who often bring us so much comfort and the people who work tirelessly to rescue them.
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    The sad thing is that many will not leave their pets. There has to be a better way.
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    Good point, Heather! It probably isn't feasible in this situation, but I would be glad to foster a pet (domestic) for anyone in an emergency.
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    I thought I read somewhere along the way that they learned last time that people wouldn't leave their pets, so pets were included in the evacuation plans. Did that not come to pass?
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    I thought so too. But I think a huge part of the problem is sheltering all the animals. Not to mention finding ways to transport them all.

    Now if it were me, I'd be high tailing my fanny outta there before the rush to make sure my fur babies were along. Cuz I know, there is no way in hades I could walk away from mine facing that sort of danger. Nope. Never.

    Heck, I bring Willie and Rowdy inside during dangerous weather!

    *Adding prayers for those with pets they won't leave behind.*
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    They did tell of one story on CNN where a lady got to the airport and had her birds with her and they told her she wasn't allowed to take them. However, the TSA (I think?) and FEMA assured her that they would take care of her birds and they would be safe and sound when she came back.

    I know that the HSUS has really pushed for people to include their pets in their evacuation plans since Katrina and I know they are evacuating shelters as we speak. I really haven't followed FEMA's policy on this, but I do remember a lot of commentary following Katrina.

    And, unfortunately, there are always the ones that are left behind - abandoned and strays. I have a soft spot for those - human and animal - that can't speak for themselves.
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    " ... and FEMA assured her that they would take care of her birds and they would be safe and sound when she came back."

    OMG! I don't hardly think I'd be trusting FEMA to be taking care of my dogs! Maybe they'd be keeping them all in those formaldehyde-filled trailers that they built for the Katrina survivors! Ummm, no thanks!

    I was listening on the news for some word of what arrangements they may have made for the pets of the people being evacuated ... they did say something but I didn't catch it all. I know if it was me, I just couldn't leave them. Maybe if I had small children and was forced to evacuate and had to make that terrible choice to keep the children safe ... That would be awful! But since it's just me, I know I couldn't just go off and leave them to fend for themselves - mine don't even go outside by themselves, much less ride out a hurricane! The four of us would just hunker down and get through it as best we could ... but I couldn't and wouldn't leave them!

    Of course, if I had a car, I'd be loading them up and hitting the road if a bad storm was coming! I might end up living in my car in a Wal Mart parking lot several hundred miles away, but they'd be with me!
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    Me, too ... I always think about my dogs when we have a hurricane or tornado warning. I can't NOT think of them.
    What can we do? Do they have an online FEMA pet donation site?
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    My friend adopted a dog from Katrina, poor thing, so sad, prayers going out for people and paws