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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Mar 2, 2010.

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    So as you know difficult child was court ordered to have a forensic test which I didn't understand and was very afraid of since this was going to decide his fate. difficult child called and said that the Dr had gone to conduct the test and he had told us that he would meet with us in the next couple of days. Last night we went to visit difficult child and I was trying to find out what they had asked him, what he thought about the test and so on but he was angry, sick and distracted so that did not get me very far. The Dr called this morning and said he was on his way. I freaked out what do I say - i am afraid that I will say something wrong and make difficult child's situation worse. He was here for a long time today he asked questions about the other kids-what we wanted to see happen for difficult child- who gave him his diagnosis - who treated him before the current one- what documentation there was so this diagnosis. WE have heard some disturbing things about the current person doing his medication management. However he did say some things that made me feel a little more at ease about what he is going to suggest to the courts. After our discussion we decided that it would be best for difficult child to put him in treatment and stop all of his medication--let them watch him, diagnosis and start the treatment that is best for him.Then have him go to treatment foster care and small school setting so that he can earn his credits to graduate.The Dr said that is concerned that if difficult child comes home after treatment he will fall into old bad habits. A fresh start?! is that really possible. I pray it is - I just want difficult child to graduate and be able to function in life happily and successfullyis that too much to ask
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    Sounds like you were over worried. If he was interested in what you wanted for your difficult child, I think that is a good sign. Fingers crossed this goes in the right direction for difficult child!
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    That really doesn't sound like a bad plan -- it might be good to do a medication wash and let some well-trained eyes see first hand what's going on with difficult child. Then get him stabilized and placed in a structured environment that will give him the kind of supports he needs. difficult child's often need more than the average family can give them, unfortunately.