New psychiatric hospital. for difficult child 1

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    Well, I did it. In the continuing saga of "As the Stomach Turns" difficult child 1 was still using suicidal scripts (my name, not an official psychiatric term) when stressing out or frustrated at the Community Residence. Another trip to the psychiatric E.R., another "it's behavioral, another non-admit.

    Fast forward to me, AH, difficult child 1, the Comm. Res. director, the mental health professionals (his counselor) and the mental health director agree to get a second opinion with his psychiatrist's boss. We weren't in with her for more than 15 mins. when she finished with difficult child and let him go out into the waiting room.

    "Why hasn't anyone addressed the anxiety that this kid is so clearly suffering from?"

    It was like the sea parted, rays of sunshine spewed forth from the sky and birds were singing...I've only been asking this for 5 stinkin' YEARS!!!

    Well, as you may remember, the Comm Res. director and I were afraid that they were going to insist on a higher level of care (the psychiatrist group) and that they would report me to the State for medical neglect if I didn't take their recommendation. She recommended a facility in Westchester that she's had great success as far as figuring out the medication regimin that would work best for difficult child 1.

    We had the meeting Tues. with "the team". While the psychiatrists boss wanted us to try to work with his anxiety, the rest of them thought he needed a higher level of care while we did this. The CR director (I'm going to call it CR for Comm Res.) countered with the hospital handling a medication wash and change. They agreed.

    AH was at Tues. meeting. He tried to first impress them with his concern and they all sat there and just looked at him. Let's face it. They all know about his lack of participation with this kid - grow a brain for pete's sake. He asked at the end of the meeting for difficult child 1, me and him to have a few minutes alone with difficult child 1. "Sure, take all the time that you need". They closed the door, AH burst into tears. What?!! difficult child 1 started to cry and I sat there not knowing what to do. difficult child 1 lookedd at me after a few minutes and said "It's ok if you cry too Mom" I said "no way - someone's got toe man-up around here". They both laughed, we "family hugged" and I told him that there was no reason to cry because we're finally going to have a chance at helping him to help himself.

    I got the call Thursday (while I was at the doctors for bronchitis - so I forgot to get my scrips for my insulin - you know, nothing necessary or anything!) that a bed was available. One of the CR counselors, difficult child 1 and myself headed up to Westchester to check him in.

    He wasn't there for 1/2 an hour when they asked "why isn't anyone medicating for the anxiety".

    You've gotta love it...sometimes Moms do know best...too bad nobody listens!

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    Fingers crossed that the new placement gets results. It's been a long road for you. Hugs. DDD
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    I'm so glad that they are finally seeing what you have seen for many years. I hope they can get the anxiety under control quickly.

    I hope you are feeling better too - bronchitis is awful.
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    Good for all of you. I wish you great success. I have a good feeling about it too since the staff were able to see it so clearly so quickly. I am so happy for you.

    Hope you are feeling better.
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    Sending many prayers and positive thoughts your way for difficult child's new journey.
    You have been through so much - you and your family need this.
    YAY for finally a smart therapist!!!!!!!!!!
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    *HUGS* nvts. Sit down with some tea and honey for your throat and your sanity. Glad someone is finally listening, hope they're able to really help.
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    Fist pumping for the doctor who finally grew a brain. Butt kicking to AH. He needs to grow not only a pair but some common sense too.

    I hope you went back and got the insulin so you can have that honey in your tea.
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    Fingers crossed that this placement is a great fit for difficult child...and that you shake that bronchitis ASAP!
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    Congrats on busting through that roadblock! We all are obviously and painfully aware of how challenging getting the right diagnosis can be.
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    Love it, love it, love it that new psychiatrist saw the anxiety right away!!!

    They would all benefit from listening to the people that know best!
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    FINALLY!!! Whew! What a relief...

    Now here's hoping this leads to appropriate treatment and a soultion!