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    difficult child went to new psychiatrist last night, he is AWESOME! She loves him which is huge. We went over her history, told him I don't think she is where she should be with medications yet. Not like she was when she first started Zoloft, not a big wow effect with Celexa yet, better but not wow. Explained the neuro doctor's idea about the mild ADHD and how I have to have dex (stands for dumb not at all dear!) approval before she can be tested. Also went through how the process of making that happen is extensive and too much right now. He asked her a bunch of questions and based on her answers decided she may have an issue with ADHD but because depression and ADHD both cause concentration issues he is going to figure her out in two steps -

    First we are increasing her Celexa to 30mg, which I started today, for two weeks. He doesn't want to wait too long before deciding if a change is needed because of her grades. If there is a change and she is doing better it is all due to depression and she stays on her current medications.
    I emailed her teachers and asked them to keep a close eye on her and how she is doing in class, that and to watch for bad side effects from the increase just in case!
    If there is not a notable change for the better then we go to plan two -

    Plan two is change her to Wellbutrin which is he told me is used to treat ADHD in adults and since she is almost 16 and a "good" size he doesn't feel it would cause her any problems. The Wellbutrin has a stimulant in the pill and he thinks this will be a good mix to take care of her if it is an ADHD issue.

    Her doctor still wants her tested so I decided to try my Dex one more time with help from his sister. She told me she thinks she has talked him into approving the testing - please keep your fingers crossed for me. My insurance company has agreed to pay for 10 hours of testing which is huge!

    The best thing is I am so comfortable with this psychiatrist, found out he works for FDA and approves a lot of the medications he uses. Guess that means he knows his stuff when it comes to medications. Most important he is determined to figure out what exactly is going on with difficult child testing or not testing.

    Please wish me luck I would love to have her tested more than anything else!
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    Sending lots of luck your way! Keep us posted. :)
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    Good luck!!