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    I have been thinking of a new psychiatrist for about a year atleast. difficult child's is in another town and spends less than 5 minutes with him. Never talks to him just gives him drugs. Anything difficult child asks for he says...ok, we'll try that. I know difficult child has a lot of anxiety and usually researches before asking. But nothing has worked. psychiatrist doesn't talk to him, psychiatrist just pushes the pills.

    Well, my insurance is changing the first of the year. New company. This psychiatrist is on the plan, but so is another lady that I was referred to by difficult child's principal. When I called last year she, herself called me back. Said she would make special arrangements for charges, that he needed help. I never went because I just can't afford that.

    This lady is on the new plan. I am excited and so it difficult child. It is in our town, and he knows the current psychiatrist doesn't even talk to him.

    What do you all do when you switch? Do you make an appointment and go through his entire history? Gosh...that would take hours. How do you handle it?
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    We are on psychiatrist 5 and yes we bring in all of the info. I basically waste the first visit going over all of the history.
    I will send in the filled out history that psychiatrist wants before hand but not my info, or if I do I make sure and bring in extras, with extras of what I filled out for psychiatrist, just in case they were misplaced etc. (this has never happened but...)
    I have a shortened version of her history, medications, etc. the good the bad the ugly.
    But mainly what is going on now. I make darn sure everything is covered.
    I will not let them talk to K until we go over everything.
    It is my money and I have the final say in all of the treatment so I have to make sure I feel it is safe for her.
    Then K talks and we see how K feels.

    It is also a bonus if they have read her charts before hand.
    With our current psychiatrist we met with her first and went over everything and then she met K the next meeting.
    We are pretty lucky though psychiatrist has never hurried us and she talks to K. But she also has a special needs kid.
    I am excited for you both!
    No matter how you do it have notes about what is most important to you now.