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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by SJB, Apr 16, 2010.

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    After speaking wth my ghg's therapist the other day, I got the name of a psychiatrist that she works with . I am sick to death of our current doctor who just nods, smiles and hands us our scrip for Vyvanse. He has never suggested any sort of testing or offered any other help beyond, "take this. See a therapist. pay on the way out..." and I'm fed up.
    We have an appointment for monday afternoon and I'd like some suggestions as to what to do to make this appointment as productive as possible.
    I've made a list of difficult child's behaviors for him. I know her history upside down and backwards, but I'm sure there is something you guys can clue me in on that will help us get closer to a more accurate diagnosis
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    Bring up an evaluation yourself. Psychiatrists generally do not do testing. Beware if he gives you a snap diagnosis and a slew of medications.

    How did you get in so fast?
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    In my experience the Psychiatrist is all about writing the script and the therapist is the one that spends the time helping the child with tools needed.

    Maybe just ask them how it should work first. How much time they plan to spend with your child. Lay down the expectations first.
    Then worry about the details of your difficult children behavior.
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    OH I don't expect a whole new and improved diagnosis right out of the box but I want to see if this guy at least listens and whether he thinks further evaluation is warranted. Her current doctor thinks everything is just A-OK despite what I've' told him. I think it will take her actually burning down the house or cutting her arm right off to get this guy's attention.
    Not sure how I got in so fast, I was shocked. But the appointment desk said that their office has specific days for only new patients and I guess I just called at the right time. I would have had to wait for May's "new patient day" if I had called later.
    I wish I could feel more hopeful about this, right now I just see it as yet another reason to have to ask for time off work.
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    Saw the new doctor this afternoon. difficult child went in alone before I went in and joined the discussion. He spent a long time with difficult child and got an eye and earful. She hadn't taken her medications this morning and was scattered and acting like a four-year-old. But he said she was very forthcoming with him and he sees reason to suspect personality disorder and possible emerging bi-polar. FINALLY!!!!!
    I don't know how he did it but he managed to convince her to start taking a low dose of gabapentin in addition to her vyvanse. This is going to take a long time of watching and waiting, but just the fact she's willing to TRY is a huge plus. When her previous doctor prescribed a second medication for mood stabilization she absolutely refused to take even it and I wasted $$ for nothing.
    I think the difference is that this doctor was recommended by difficult child's therapist and they talked about it at their last session so she was ready and knew what to expect. I'm guessing that probably let her open up and admit to things like the cutting and stealing. She even showed him a photo of her bedroom which looks exactly like something out of Hoarders.
    This may turn out to be another big waste of time, but at least I feel like someone else sees, even just glimpsed for a minute, what I live with every day. And he came by this observation honestly, I hadn't said a word to him before she set foot in his office.
    Trying not to get my hopes up too far too fast, but might this be a breakthrough?
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    Wow! That was fast! BRAVO!
    I don't think it will be a waste of time. The good part is that difficult child showed her true colors, which made it so much easier for the psychiatrist to get a grip on the situation. (Not to mention validate what you've been saying all along.) :D
    I don't know much about gabapentin except that my 81-yr-old cousin took it for neuropathy in her legs and it didn't work. I know it has other uses.
    Fingers crossed!!!!!!!
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    Well if nothing else it tells me that I'm not the crazy one! :tongue: