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    Hi family! Since leaving husband, I found myself, for the first time in my life, without a canine companion. I brought my Bengal cat, Jake with me, but still, something was missing. Well, I found an awesome local breeder of Shih Tzu puppies yesterday, after searching the past week or so. I was so impressed with her honesty, integrity and love of the breed, that, well, we now have a new family member!!!

    She is just too sweet for words. I knew I loved the breed as my parents and my sister have had them for years. But, wow! Talk about love at first sight, or was it first lick, or first smell of that lovely puppy breath??:proud:
    Anyways, our first night went without a hitch, she slept either on my chest or next to me all night long. She is starting to go to the door when she needs to "use the facilities" already which I find amazing for an 11 week old pup!

    I miss my Boxer terribly, but she had to go back to the breeder as we were her foster home and she had major complications with a lost pregnancy. But she will live out her days, spayed, being spoiled by the breeder's daughter, so I am very happy about that.

    There is something pretty special about this Shih Tzu breed. I have been around them for many years and have always felt that way. Heck, it's probably just me, but I swear they can REALLY understand me. Odd, I know! But she just looks into my eyes and stares and I swear she gets what I am thinking.

    Not absoluety sure of what I will name her, she came with the name of Chelsea, but my sister's cat is named that. Thinking of Mischa. Oldest daughter likes the name Piper.

    Anyone with any ideas, maybe Chinese of origin??

    Just sharing our news!!

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    How cute! This is practically the first time in years that I have only had one dog. His name is Bailey because he is this very light light cream color and has one little white patch on him which looks like Baileys Irish Creme with whipped cream on top. LOL.

    I also have two cats which we never meant to have but Jamie (sigh) brought us 4 cats when his wife first got pregnant. We found home for 3 of them but one of the females got pregnant almost immediately so we couldnt adopt her out. Once the babies were born we found homes for the mommy and three babies which left us two at home. We named them originally mittens and phantom but now I am trying to change their names to Fynn and Munch after those characters on Law and Order

    If I ever get another female dog she will be named Mariska which is the first name of the actress that plays Olivia on Law and Order. I would name a girl child that but alas, Im never having more
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    Conrats!! They are an adorable breed. We have lhasas- which I think are similar. I'm sure you'll find a great name as you get to know her own, special personality.
  4. Hound dog

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    Congrats on your new baby!!!!!

    Piper is a cute name.

    I try to watch as their personality comes out and go from there. Sometimes the name just comes to me. Like Rowdy's. It was just there in my head and it fit him. Molly was a Molly from the start. And Betsy got her name because she's so sweet and down to earth. (it's what the name makes me think of)

    Willie, aka William Wallace got his name cuz he knew no fear from day one when we brought him home at 4 wks old.

    Bruce, aka The Bruce got his name because it goes with William Wallace from Braveheart. But I wanted it to be Buster, and I still slip from time to time and call him Buster. lol He is NOT brave in the least. Jumps at his own shadow. lol

    Enjoy your new furbaby.

  5. Congratulations on your new Shih Tzu.

    My family (mainly Mom) was instrumental on improving the breed 30 years ago when they were rare. They were the ears for the large Mastiffs in the Chinese palaces and were bred to be so tiny that they rode around in the sleeves of the emporers kimonos.

    The first gift of Shih Tzu to leave China years ago were fed ground glass so they would die shortly after arriving and not be able to be bred. Our first was a "doctors" pet shop dog. Brilliant little fella. My Mother trained him in obedience and he was the first Shih-Tzu to ever finish a CD and CDX obedience title in The States and Canada. He may be the only one to ever do it in a years time. One of our show dogs was nearly sold for $10k. Except my Mom thought the ladies were kidding - they were not.

    We showed, bred, trained dogs most of my young life. My Mother's pictures and kennel lines are still in books today. All our dogs were descendents of the Great Gatsby. Pretty famous Shih-Tzu.

    They are 1/2 cat, 1/2 rabbit, loyal, sweet fur people. Kept in a puppy clip their hair is quite manageable.

    Best of luck with your new friend. Adorable isn't the word for it.


    I think Ling is cute - it's short, it's Asian.
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    Piper is a cool name but what about China Doll. Someone at our ranch had that as a registered name for a beautiful mare at our ranch and I thought it was a pretty name. I think that would be fitting for a darling lil Shih Tzu .Another cool name would be Porcha. Not of china origin but sweet names I think.
  7. Jungleland

    Jungleland Welcome to my jungle!


    OMG, this afternoon has been a nightmare! Puppy had to massive seizures and her right eye was stuck to the side. Called the breeder, she met me at the vet. They are not sure if she had seizures along with a stroke, but they will be watching her overnight and may have to put her down in the morning. I have no words, I am heart broken.

    I scoured my apartment, making sure there was nothing she could have gotten into. There is nothing, I have next to nothing in here. I fed her food the breeder gave me. Gave puppy bottled water. I dunno.

    They are going to be doing a toxicology test, just to make sure. But, last evening when easy child 1 was over, she commented that she thought the pup's right eye didn't look right to her. Also, she was extremely calm for an 11 week old pup, too calm.

    What a whirlwind this has been. Don't think I'll be getting any new pets for a real long time. Breeder is going to call me with an update tomorrow, but it did not sound good.

    Sad and feeling horrible,
  8. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Oh, Vickie, what a horrible thing to have happen......sending hugs and hope they find the best way to handle your puppy's condition.....
  9. mom_in_training

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    Oh geeze, I'm so sorry Vickie. you and your baby are in my prayers.
  10. Wiped Out

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    I'm so very sorry. Gentle hugs.
  11. Kjs

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    i'm sorry. don't know what else to say.
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    I am so sorry. Sending hugs...