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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, May 26, 2009.

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    Tommorrow I go meet with the Special Education coordinator and school director at difficult child's new school. It was kinda nice, I called and she was more than happy to meet with me, did not put me off at all. I kinda expected to be told that she did not have time, or get some kind of excuse. Not at all like that. This school so far has been so good, so different that I really do not know what to think. Maybe they read difficult child's file after I left my first msg, if his file is over there and if it did not take a semi truck to move it!:sick: I want difficult child to have a good start at this school, I don't want to tell the new staff that he will have a rough time, but I am fairly sure the first few months will be rocky. I guess I want them to give him a fair shot, and I think they will, I am just nervous. I have dealt with the same people for the last 6 years, and it is hard for me too. I knew who to call for what, and how to get what difficult child needed most of the time. I am thinking of this as an introductory meeting, so I know who I will be dealing with and the school does too. I think I am just getting nervous about this whole transition. Maybe I need just as much transitioning as difficult child.
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    I think meeting them with is a great idea! We did this when difficult child transitioned to middle school and it was a huge help. Let us know how it goes.
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    You're doing the right thing, in my humble opinion. Things will go much smoother for difficult child if everyone has a chance to be on the same page. Please give us an update after the meeting.
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    Thanks TM and Wo, I was thinking I was being an overprotective nervous parent. I am nervous, I don't want to predispose them to think that difficult child is a bad kid, he is NOT a bad kid but he requires more interventions than many.