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    So far difficult child's middle school is great (it is only the second week). He wants to go to school, he wants to do good, and he loves his teachers and says he has lots of friends. He has always said he has lots of friends, so we will see about that one.

    We did start giving him his abilify 2x a day, and that seems to have made a world of difference. difficult child is more reasonable, even in the mornings and mornings have always been hades. I can once again have conversations with him that make sense, that are not just him ranting and raving.

    We went to Occupational Therapist (OT) yesterday, and man did she make a believer out of me. She was able to show me how she knows that difficult child has too much of the startle, or moro reflex retained from infancy. She had him stand with his heels together and toes out and he immediately flailed his hands and arms out. It was so eery. I had been sending difficult child with husband to go to Occupational Therapist (OT), and husband just does not give me good info on what we should be doing in concerns to a home program. husband has just been really out of it due to his medications and his BiPolar (BP).

    He did well on his field trip, he had a couple altercations with another boy, but he resolved them well. That is what the director told me, and I decided I do not need to know anything else!

    They offer different after school programs at his school, one is a "boys group". They do outdoor and adventure activities and explore topics that affect middle school boys, from bullying to bragging to bonding! You can bet your sweet pattootie I signed him up for that. After I got him to agree to it by focusing on the outdoor adventure stuff!

    I am so far, knock on wood, thinking we made the right choice to send him to this school. It is kinda hard getting both kids to schoools on the opposite sides of town at the same time, but so far no one has been late.
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    Wow. This sounds like it's working out beautifully. It's wonderful to see our kids *want* to do good.
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    This sounds so great.
    K says the same things, about having lots of friends. Although the kids really do like her, she has no idea how to actually engage kids her own age. :(
    The after School program sounds like this may be perfect for him.
    I think Husbands sometimes even "easy child" ones are like this! LOL

    I hope this positive ju-ju continues. :)
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    Great News! Sounds like difficult child is adjusting great to his new school. I know my difficult child slipped right on in to middle school after my worrying all summer a couple years ago! There was this idea that he wanted to start over and he didn't want to show his elementary school self to the new folks in middle school. Sometimes that maturity just kicks in and they suprise you!

    The after school program sounds great! Wish they had something like that for my difficult child - he could really do with that kind of male bonding since his dad does not live with us....

    Good for difficult child! Tell him his board aunties are proud.