New Social Worker wants to drop our case...she actually gets us!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by allhaileris, May 25, 2012.

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    We had the visit from the new SW last night. This is the first visit after the stupid jurisdiction hearing. We had agreed to a case plan in order to get daughter back home sooner than later. The case plan had way too much in it, 2 visits a mo with SW, counceling, support groups, journal and some more that I can't remember right now.

    SW came by and we found out she has a 5 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) who is sensory seeking just like our daughter. She's actually had CPS called on her because of her son's bruises because he does things like climbs on top of the dresser and jumps for the ceiling fan. She flat out told us that she's going to tell her supervisor that their a. they provide us with real services at no cost to us (I explained the issues I'm having with insurance) or 2. just drop the case. She said we were the 2% of people who get sucked into the system because they don't understand what we're going through, but she totally knows. Wow!

    She basically said we could keep meeting if we really wanted to talk over tea or something, but she didn't feel that we needed her to be a pain in our life. At the end her and husband sat there talking about her and his out of body experiences and telepathic kids. Yeah, not a normal SW conversation. And she acknowledged the only reason she understands is because of her son, and that most of the people at CPS don't know a thing about autism. They aren't really trained on it at all.

    It'll take a couple months for her to get her request in and get it approved, and she's going to send me info on resources here locally that she's used. But no suprise visits, no huge sacrafices that make me miss work.
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    YAY! How refreshing! I'm actually hoping you get option "A" real services that are of use to you for FREE.
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    So often, it is ONE person that makes a huge difference.
    Glad you got one of those!
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    Ditto Keista!! That is sooooo awesome. I wish I could find a social worker like that. The one we had repeatedly told me "I have other kids with Asperger's on my caseload that don't do that" like all kids, especially those on the spectrum are all the same. Apparently she forgot he also has the other things going on besides just the AS, which "when you meet one person on the spectrum, you've met ONE person on the SPECTRUM". Jeesh. Glad you found a good one.
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    Yay! How wonderful.
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    Good for you. To a different level, I fear that will be the issue with school: I live in a socially disadvantaged area and "professional" tend to immediatly think that the problem are family/social issues. So annoying. At least, for once, you were spared! Make sure to take notes of all her suggestion. Local resources are SO valuable.