New therapist for Tigger: we love him!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Tigger has been with the same youth mental health clinic since he was 6. But he has burned through tdocs. The first one lasted less than one appointment. She was actually disciplined for her mishandling of him. Next therapist was good but since Tigger wouldn't speak with him, it was more parenting support for me (that therapist loved The Explosive Child so it was a great fit). Then a couple of tdocs that left the practice and the last one just didn't click with him. She was a good therapist, Tigger just didn't ever feel that connection. To her great credit, she asked Tigger and me what he'd like in a therapist and got him transferred to a different therapist. Today was the first appointment and.....

    :dance: TIGGER LOVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:

    Tigger was pretty honest about what he needed to work on during therapy including telling the therapist "I don't like to talk about stuff so lots of times I will say "maybe, maybe not" and you'll have to guess"

    therapist said due to Tigger's lower functional level, he will share everything with me. He said for older kids he usually only shares with their permission or if they need to be protected but it was clear to him that Tigger was much younger mentally than he actual age.

    therapist is probably late 20s but looks about 15 himself. Tigger asked in a whisper if he was old enough to be a real therapist :rofl:
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    Woo hoo!!!!! :happyguy: GOOD NEWS!
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Glad he's clicking with this one! I know what it's like.....I think we cycled through 8 or 9 tdocs for difficult child.
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    some day you have to tell therapist that he said that. who knows maybe because he feels he got a say in who it was and/or because this guy looks like a kid, he just feels better. sounds like the guy is on the ball! I had a guy call me back who was recommended by the intake and he said he didn't even see kids like mine but he would ask around. Haven't heard a thing. I doubt there are many out there for dev. delay/autistic/brain injured good thing I get him. (he disagrees I am sure)

    so glad you got this guy . I will hope and pray he sticks around for a long time!
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    Fantastic news!!!!