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    Hello all readers :)

    Im kinda new but here goes my story and how I found this place. I have two children Isabella Grace.. who will be 1 next week.. SO exciting! And a 9 yr old son Chris... WOW! What a gap in age difference. Many people said OMG are you serious?! Your starting all over? Why would you do that!

    OK lets start from when Chris was born... I was young (to me)21. Had a new baby I was living in Kansas no family around since they were in Niagara Falls. Well Chris would scream a good 16hrs out of the day. Daily visits to the dr were a must since they really didnt have a clue why he was screaming or the cause. He threw up every formula except for the alimentium at the time. And well they had only liquid form of this and it was grey, smelled as if it were fermenting etc etc. So he still screamed all hours of the day they figure colic. Since I was a new mother I didnt know really what to do. The swing didnt work. Holding him made it worse. The only rest I got was when he slept. Well he started to talk mama... dada.. baba eat and at about 11 months just stopped talking. He started walking but everything was silent. So I thought ok maybe he was just shy. Shortly after he turned one I moved back home because I knew something was really wrong and in the state of Kansas they wouldnt do as much as they would in NY.. I had to come home and get the right things done to help him. As he got older he did things for himself, he would eat only specific things and all the time so I thought he was a picky eater. By the age of three still I couldnt potty train him he wasnt talking. So I go into touch with early intervention. They helped get him to say little things and by the age of fice he could talk but mainly refused. He started school and the first day his teacher said he couldnt sit he was running and talking and just couldnt calm. After that the hyper kid we have is 10000 times worse now. So thruout many doctors he got diagnosed with ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He then later was diagonsed with ODD. He went thru at least 20 different medications to help calm him. He would be up from 4am-11pm. No sleep for the wicked they say. Well I started working for the state 4 years ago. I worked with handicapped adults and went to one of the homes with children. I noticed one of the kids acted exactly like chris. Chris would Zone out and not say a word at times. And it would go on for hours on end. He wouldnt make eye contact and well things got out of hand. His school counseler gave me a name of a great group of Counselers and Pysch's. I took him there and within three weeks he was diagnosed with Asbergers. Kinda ironic they asked my background as a child and then had me tested... I had it as a child and am now a adult with it. I went thru the horrors of kids tormenting me because I couldnt express myself. Many clinics I went to and they just told my parents I just had a communication problem and Ide grow out of it. I didnt grow out of it. I had to change my way of living in order to have friends.
    Well I had a baby a year ago and well how they were as babies are like night and day. My daughter laughs, She doesnt cry all the time, She plays alone, She needs me when she needs me but has "Her" time. I had the fear of having another child that they would have disabilities. But She is proof that just because you have one with a disability not all will. She talks and isnt a fussy eater. She herself gets annoyed with her brother at times. And its bad but she lures him to her crib and if hes on her nerves she head butts him or smacks him and screams at him. Chris has a thing with screaming still and she doesnt like it. So if anyone needs any advice please dont hesitate to contact me.

    I help some of the adults understand what it is like because I had it and wasnt properly diagnosed. my son has it.. and I can go back to when I was that age... We remeber EVERYTHING. We see things in pictures.. phrases remind us of things in the past.