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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by happymomof2, Oct 31, 2007.

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    My son is 14 and just started high school this year. He was diagnosed with adhd in 3rd grade. He was on medications until 5th grade. He is having major problems controlling his temper, the focusing has gotten better and his anger had as well until now. I so do not want to put him back on medications. He was like a zombie on that stuff. He would not eat or make eye contact with anyone.

    I believe it is because of his age, hormones raging, changing schools and the adhd that his behavior is acting up again. Has anyone had any success with any natural medications? I have checked on line and there are only 2 that I found that might work. One is called Attend the other is called Focus. Both are about 35 bucks each. We don't have alot of money to keep trying alot of different things. If one of these works though I will take out a loan if necessary to keep him supplied!!
    I will be greatful for any suggestions. Thanks
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    What medications made him like a zombie? Ritalin did this to my difficult child, but Adderall does not.
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    Welcome to the board.

    Often different medications need to be tried to find the best one suited to the person.

    And you're probably right, the hormones of puberty are probably having an effect on his behavior.

    You might want to look in the Natural Treatments section, too.

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    Thanks for the replies - yes ritalin and concerta made him zombie like. Adderall for him was horrible - forgot exactly what happened when he took it but he wasn't on it very long.

    I am sure it will be hit or miss with the natural products I want to try just hope I can find something soon before he gets expelled from school. - I don't think it will go that far I just need to get him started on something soon.
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    I gave lil ant st john's wort
    also B vitamins
    Omega fish oil is good too.
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    Another thing to consider is that he is older now... medications may affect him differently now that he is a bigger kid... Our bodies reaction to medication changes as we grow & change... He may be able to tolerate medications better now (not be a zombie).

    Also, there are newer medications - Strattera and Metadate; and some doctors prescribe anti-depressants to treat it, if they believe it is warranted.

    At 14, he's also old enough to be a part of a "group" discussion on how to help him... he may know what will help him better than anyone so far as giving him a more structured environment or help in class... My daughter (14) is finally able to talk to me better about homework (I have to notice something is wrong, but once I start the dialogue we're able to talk together about what might help her, bit by bit).

    God Bless!
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    If you are worried about his education, please visit our Special Education forum and send a letter to the school requesting an evaluation for an IEP. This has to be done by letter sent certified mail to put protections into place for your son.

    Ifhe needs the help from an IEP they have to help him. evaluations are at no cost to you, but I STRONGLY recommend a private evaluation by a psychiatrist and a neuropsychologist. Look in the General Archives forum for a thread on a multidisciplinary evaluation. There is a whole lot of help in there.

    Also please look in the General Archives for the Parent Report thread. It is the first thread that was put in the archive, so it is on the LAST page at the BOTTOM. This is a wonderful way to organize the information you have and help communicate with schools, doctors, and everyone involved.

    Glad to see you!!

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    You might also want to check the natural treatment forum on this site.

    Puberty. You have my sympathies. It just magnifies existing problems.

    Just so you know, many kids with ADHD have co-existing learning disabilities. Sometimes they are subtle until a child gets older. If he's struggling in school with Executive Functions (time mgmt, keeping up, organization, getting homework turned in, etc.) and/or more purely academically (with-math, language arts, etc.) you might want to read "Making Sense of Adolescents' Ascents" at

    As someone mentioned, we have a forum that helps parents work through the school district maze if you need it. A struggling student's frustration can present as anger.

    Welcome aboard.