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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Dec 31, 2010.

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    for pets. New to me, anyway.

    They make a "talk and train" collar for pets. It is a walkie talkie type thing that lets you give commands as long as you are within 2 miles of your pet. Well, you could give them without this, but the dog wouldn't hear them!

    I ran across it on one of those one item each day websites.

    I think this could be really useful, IF you have a pet that will listen to you. Or talk back to you. It has a button on the collar so if the dog is found the finder can try to reach you.

    I can just imagine a bunch of monkeys with this. Can't you see them messing with their keeper for fun?

    What would be REALLY interesting is if we could attach them to our kids - only a sooped up version that would send an alarm to us if the kid was doing something risky, dangerous, etc.... AND would let us send a shock if needed to get the kid's attention.

    Ahhhhhhhh. Places science will NEVER take us, lolol!!! Picture a playground in twenty years, with all the kids wearing this kind of thing. Can you see AAAALLLLLLLLL the ways our darling difficult children would mess with these things so that they would torment US and the other kids?

    It might be an interesting tool for dog training, but how are you going to know what to tell the dog to do if you are 2 miles away? "Stop barking" doesn't mean much if the dog isn't barking, Know what I mean?. Pretty soon your voice will just be static in the background.

    Anyway, wasn't a serious suggestion, just one of those places my mind takes me when it jumps the rails. What kind of use can YOU see for a gadget like this? how would the difficult children in your life "tinker" with it?
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    I'm guessing the 2 mile range is to call the dog back to you or perhaps for hunting purposes. Although how the dog would necessarily know where you are if it's 2 miles away I'm not sure. lol

    Now Molly I could command this way except I could see her looking around trying to find me instead of doing what I wanted her to do. :rofl:
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    Im betting the 2 mile range is for hunting too. And you would say something like "truck" and the dog would head back towards the truck. A well trained hunting dog can follow his own scent back the way he came back to the truck.