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    I'm never sure what to title these darn Katie updates. lol

    But he!! must have froze over because she finally took Evan to the dentist. All the way to cincy, a completely unnecessary trip as any dentist in town would have taken him quickly due to the condition of his mouth. Last fall he had several teeth pulled because they couldn't be saved. When she announced she took him on her fb page I wasn't kind. I asked her if he had any teeth left to eat with. Seriously one look at the child's mouth and you'd know why I was so snarky about it. I've only been on her to take him since she arrived in Oct! It's now June. ugh Still think a lil bug whispered in cps's ear and scared her. She responded that the dentists filled 4 teeth without anesthesia. Wow I can only imagine the holy terror he was through that! He has to go back in a month to do 4 or 5 more but he'll be sedated. Which I'm a little skeptical about because few dentist feel comfortable sedating children. And if the guy could sedate him why didn't he while he was being a holy terror? Oh well.

    Then she added that dentist thinks his adult teeth and nerves haven't been affected. BULL HOCKEY!!!

    I've known a woman her took her daughter with a pretty bad set of teeth into the dentist at Evan's age, although HER teeth were no where near the severity of Evan's. Dentist spent a good half hour bawling the woman out telling her that she had damaged the child's adult teeth by being so negligent. And when the little girls adult teeth came in....well, the man was right. Woman paid for it in large dental bills.

    Evan's teeth have been rotten since he was two.....most likely before that but that's when I first saw them. I mean really rotten. Since his has been left untreated for so long, except for ones that were pulled right before he came, I seriously doubt that the adult teeth have not been affected, let alone the nerves.

    I'm not sure if dentist are mandatory reporters or not. If they are, cps will get a call. There is no way to justify Evan's mouth.

    Nichole posted something to do with parenting.....being strict or whatever on her fb page. Katie responded that yeah she's so strict and the kids don't like it and how Kayla has a fit because Katie and M have to know the parents of the kids she spends the night with well or she can't go. oooOOOOooohhhh??? The next post was that Kayla was off to spend the night with a girl from school. And I can pretty much guarantee katie and M do NOT know the parents. So they're letting her go sleep over at strangers houses. Lovely. Yeah, she's so strict she can't even get Evan out of her bed and to sleep in his own. I asked her if she bothered to actually PUT him in the bed. Oh yeah, she did once and Alex told him if he stayed in the room he'd never be allowed to watch sponge bob again and so Evan ran screaming to Mommy and daddy's bed and wouldn't go back. Then she made the mistake of asking me what should she do?? (in that omg whiny *ss voice of hers) I said, it's called parenting. YOU put Evan in his bed. Alex opens his mouth You tell him to SHUT UP or there will be conseuqences. You tell Evan YOU are the parent and both of them to go to sleep. Her response.........Oh, I thought of that but thought that might be too mean. SERIOUSLY???? I told her having a 5 yr old child sleeping with his parents is mean, especially when the kids at school get hold of the will he still be there in HS? omg

    Today Nichole was coming down for a visit after her non stress test for Oliver. easy child and Darrin had baked her a birthday cake. Nichole had told Katie she'd stop by for a short visit with her and the kids on her way out of town. We'd planned for her to drop off birthday presents for us as I just haven't had a chance to get out on that side of town this week. Well, katie up and cancelled this morning claiming her and kayla were both sick. Ehh. With her if she opens her mouth she's lying. So yeah, don't buy it. Because right after that she said she wouldn't be going to the baby shower because she doesn't have a ride. Which I find interesting as SHE would have a ride, I'm just not transporting her and 3 kids. Especially when those kids can only behave in a car their parents are NOT in.

    Oh, and since she took evan to the dentist I made the comment she must have gotten medicaid cleared up. Ohhhh........noooo, just for the kids. Phht. Doesn't work that way sweatheart. She must really think I'm an idiot.

    If I have enough energy in the morning I may "drop in" on her with the kids birthday presents. Never know what might be going on. IF kayla is as well as I suspect she is, I might offer to take her yard saleing for a little while. Only issue I have with this plan is that I'd have to see pervert man, and NOT seeing him since xmas has been utter BLISS.
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    Lisa, I'm sure you know that a lot of dental problems in very small kids can be traced back to drug use by their mothers during pregnancy. Do you think that might be what's happened here?

    My niece was married to the Tennessee version of "moron man". I'm not sure exactly what drugs they were taking, but I know there was a lot of them. Her first little boy will be five in July and his baby teeth started crumbling away almost as soon as they came in. He had to have little caps put on every one of his teeth before he was even two years old. My brother and sister in law paid for his dental work and the childrens dentist they took him to told them that over half of his practice now is trying to fix the teeth of the children of drug abusing mothers! And now he's not even five yet and will have to have many of the caps replaced because the teeth under them are crumbling away. It can't wait till the baby teeth come out and the permanent ones come in - it has to be done now because he's in pain again. My niece finally divorced "moron man" when she was five months pregnant with her second son, got her act together, and came home with her kids to live with her parents. The little one just turned two and he will have to have caps put on his baby teeth too because his are doing the same thing. Such a shame that little kids have to go through something like that because of their mother's stupidity! I guess that with all her drug use, my niece is very lucky that having awful teeth is the only thing wrong with her kids! It could have been much, much worse.
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    Yup. I know. And yup, I think it's the reason behind his issues.

    The little girl I mentioned with the really bad had to really look at her mouth to tell. Mom fed her sugar almost non stop. Never seen anything like it. Until that trip to the dentist that child was eating candy all day long, skinny as a rail because she rarely ate real food.

    Evan's are much worse. Katie's excuse was that she didn't take the bottle away until he was FOUR. Ok while there is something really wrong with that, it would not rot his teeth. Dentist like to tell people that it deforms them, but not really. They also like to say that a baby sleeping with a bottle will ruin their teeth which is also not true. Generations of children went to sleep with bottles and their teeth were least 2 generations on formula made of powdered milk and kayo syrup for pete's sake.

    While I don't doubt she fed him plenty of candy......Alex and Kayla got it too and their teeth are fine.

    But that being on the bottle explains the whole he didn't have a clue about how to drink out of a normal cup when he arrived. He poured it down his front every single time. I had to go out and buy disposable sippy cups for him to use.

    The bottle thing just goes to show the lazy parenting deal again. Same with Kayla going to sleep overs at stranger's houses. She probably threw a hissy fit until they let her go.
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    So, so frutrating for you. You know, I like facebook and I hate facebook. You have to wonder why she feels it necessary to post something that is, really, a normal parenthood duty on FB as though she'd just pulled Evan from an alligator-infested raging river with her bare hads ...backwards in high heels. Seriously. And the strict parent thing? More self-congratulatory BS. And BS it is becsause, like many difficult children, she's in full throtle magical thinking mode.

    It is criminal that she let Evan's situation go as far as it has. I'm sure, as a grandparent,it make syou crazy. It's bad enough when our kids are doing things that put themselves in danger,but when their actions affect their kids ... grrrr!