New ways to use vodka?!?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, May 5, 2012.

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    Had a great long dinner with a friend. We were discussing the local substance abuse problem. She said high school kids are now filling eyedrop bottles with vodka...actually dropping it ino their eyes. Supposed to get them drunker.

    Then, she told me the local pharmacist said kids were injecting vodka into their veins...trying to get around the breathalyzer.

    I was speechless.

    Just sharing in case it helps anyone.
  2. dashcat

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    Oh good God, now I've heard everything.
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    Good Grief. It has not been two weeks ago that on AOL (Huffington Post news) there was an article on the cheapest and best way to clean house. was recommended that you buy cheap Vodka and use it to get rid of scum on bathrooms tiles. The article included an explanation of what chemical ingredient makes it so effective.

    This just makes me sick. DDD
  4. rejectedmom

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    ug! I wonder what the long term effects on the eyes could be. That has got to burn. Ok I ws right this is from Fox news:

    Vodka eyeballing. It's the latest drinking fad on YouTube, and it could cause blindness.
    Hundreds of online videos that originated in the U.K. show teens pouring vodka directly into their eyes, straight from the bottle. The videos are getting hundreds of thousands of hits, reported.
    Substance abuse expert Mike Gimbel claims kids aren’t eyeballing to get drunk faster, but do it when the effects of alcohol have already set in and impaired their judgment. Eyeballing is more of a prank than a way to become more intoxicated.
    “They’re not doing it to get more drunk, they’re doing it as part of a fad. ‘I dare you to do this,’” Gimbel said.
    Robert Stutman, president of the Maryland Optometric Association, said eyeballing can be very damaging to the eyes. Vodka is 40 to 50 percent alcohol and can burn and scar the cornea.
    “It probably could [cause blindness] if it caused severe enough scarring of the cornea,” Stutman said.

    Read more:

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    Alcohol can also be absorbed thru ummmm other orifices. (Think masengil or fleets style)No calories, no liver involvement. I read about it eons ago-something models do. They also inject H into eyeballs or between toes to hide track marks.

    I have to imagine vodka eye drops would sting like heck!

    I have read that vodka is great for cleaning. Haven't tried, it never will!
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    husband and I had a discussion of this last night. I am not sure injecting Vodka in the veins would make you pass a breathalyzer... we looked up how breathalyzers work and it sounds like somehow it is when the blood passes through the lungs it gets in the air and that is why it shows up on a breathalyzer. I don't really understand it but if it is true then it is how much alcohol is in the blood, not that it is injested by mouth. What I don't understand is why this wouldnt be true with other drugs but then I really am not a biologist at all.

    And gosh how stupid to put vodka in the eyes... that is just plain stupid.

  7. SuZir

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    This only tells you that kids should be more awake in their biology classes. How you get the alcohol in you doesn't matter at all when it comes to breath analysers (well expect if you have just had an alcohol in your mouth, the analyser will so much too high alcohol content.) And yeah, few years ago there was a trend here where kids dipped tampons to vodka and put those to their bodily orifices. Also the boys.
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    It's sickening.
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    By the way, we never warned our boys about this. If they were not awake in biology class, it is their problem. And if they feel, they need something to go inside their rectum, that is their private business. Alcohol doesn't absorbed that well through mucous so it would be very difficult to get drunk through tampons in your a**. So no need to worry about breath analysers anyway.
  10. DammitJanet

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    LOL....I dont think I could have begged any of my boys to stick a tampon there so that method would have been out and they can barely get eye drops in. They will stick to the normal way of imbibing.

    This is so utterly idiotic.

    However, have you heard that vodka has now come out in a whipped type? That looks yummy even though I dont particularly like vodka but I bet it would be good in a parfait!
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    Really? COOL! Haven't seen that yet, but have seen, whipped cream, cotton candy, party cake and many other new flavors of it. Haven't tried any of those - i love my raspberry vodka.
  12. DammitJanet

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    Back when I could actually drink, I loved strawberry tequila.