New Website Details Federal Investment in Children's Programs

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    New Website Details Federal Investment in Children's Programs
    First Focus has developed a website that provides customizable information on more than 180 federally funded children's programs. The site,, will help advocates detail the federal investment in every program benefiting children.

    Making Children a Greater National Priority in the Federal Budget

    Welcome to, the first dynamic, interactive website giving you the tools to explore how the federal government invests taxpayer resources in our children. is a project of First Focus, a national, bipartisan children’s advocacy organization. Using this site, you can discover annual funding information for each federally supported program that aims to help our nation’s children. The boxes below allow you to search for individual programs, compare categories of children’s spending, and even create a custom category of the programs that matter to you.
    The Federal budget is a reflection of our national priorities. Politicians of all political affiliations claim to put kids first. Yet this year, the federal government will spend less than 10% of its budget on programs addressing the needs of American young people.
    Are we shortchanging our children?

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    OH finally! Woo-woo! ed u cate our all right! come on! Another happy day!
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    Thanks for the info!