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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Apr 17, 2009.

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    We'll be broke, but we'll have nice windows. We have Three big windows in the front of our house. 5' x 5'. We are getting those three replaced. The only other two windows in our house is a smaller window in difficult child's room and the bathroom. We decided to have a neighbor man replace difficult child's window and we'll get it at Menards or something at a later date.

    The windows in hour house currently are original from when the house was built. Single pane. Aluminum frame. Sliding. When the wind blows it actually blows the curtains. When you shut the door the windows shake. They frost up in the winter. Just really bad.

    They should be here by 8:30. It is suppose to be 65 degrees today. However right now it is 34. It will be cold in the house.

    The dogs will go nuts. I'll have to keep them outside. Kenzie will bark non stop. Maybe I'll get the neighbor to dog sit at her house.
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    Kjs, that's exciting!
    It'll be lovely to have windows that actually block the wind once the replacement is done.

    We currently have this problem with our front door. Snow actually accumulates in the front hallway when the wind blows toward the house. Sigh.

    And how lovely to have big picture windows at the front of the house.

    Enjoy them!

  3. WhymeMom?

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    I'm thinking you will quickly earn back the cost of the windows in heat bill savings! Enjoy the view!
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    WHy me mom took the thought right out of my head......

    We had nearly $8k of windows put in a few years ago and the savings has been phenominal.....


    "I can see clearly now - through mywindows......I can move all obstacles in my way (hey hey hey) gone....gone are the dark and cloudy days - it's gonna be a bright bright sunshiney day......"
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    I agree about the heat savings. It is a good investment.