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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by meowbunny, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. meowbunny

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    Christmas morning was standard. Open prezzies, fix breakfast, just kick back and enjoy. Normally, I then get up and start cooking the Christmas dinner, so I never really get to rest.

    Since we were having ham, we decided to eat late and do something else first. We opted to go to the movies. Went at 1:00 for 1:45 show. HUGE line, pouring rain. I got soaked but it was fun. Marley and Me was sold out for the day. Okay, we both like Will Smith a lot, so 7 Pounds it is. Rats, it already had started, so we got tiks for the 4:15 show. So, there wasn't enough time to cook the food and eat. We ended up just grazing. Worked like a charm! I'll cook the Xmas dinner later this week and just take some of the food to daughter and her roomie so they can eat it whenever.

    Normally, we spend Christmas night watching TV. Last night, we drove around and looked at the Christmas lights. Of course, some houses were dark because they weren't home but it was still pretty and fun. On the way home, we decided we were making a new Christmas tradition in Florida. No big meal on Christmas day, just leftovers from Christmas Eve, a movie and then look at lights. We can both scout ahead a little so that we can show each other a house or two we think is really special, but that's it. It really was a nice, relaxful day.

    Oh, in case you're wondering, 7 Pounds is a great movie but bring lots of tissue. You'll need them. Most of the theater was crying by the time it was over. Do not let anyone tell you what the plot is or what happens. This is a movie you have to see blind so to speak.
  2. goldenguru

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    I love how new traditions are born - your's sound wonderful meowbunny.

    I saw "Seven Pounds" last week and didn't care for it. Glad you enjoyed it though.
  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Sounds lovely.
    Is the "we" a significant other or is it a friend you share holidays with?
    My sis has a group of friends that act as extended family. They celebrate all the holidays together if they aren't going out of town. It's a wonderful thing for her.
  4. meowbunny

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    "We" was my daughter and I. Back home, it was usually a large group of friends who dropped by continually on Christmas Day and with several staying for dinner. Here, since it is a retirement community, most of my new friends spend Christmas with their family and grands or get together as a group.

    My daughter would, at best, be semi-comfortable with the group gatherings and I doubt my friends would really want a 21 YO joining them. Obviously, those with family want to spend the time with their families. So, what could have been a very miserable time for the two of us became a very enjoyable time and something we both think we would enjoy through the years, even when she has kids.
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    I'm sorry, I misunderstood about the "we". Spending the day with just one on one time sounds terrific.
  6. Nomad

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    We often go to the movies...and I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't go yesterday. Word is that we are going today. It is a GREAT thing to do. It is usually kinda quiet...people are friendly, etc.

    I think our new tradition will be to go out of town. We could celebrate xmas a day or two early with- difficult child and then get out of Dodge. I am frazzeled.
  7. Lothlorien

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    I'm glad you had a good day. You deserved a little spirit-lifting!
  8. Jena

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    I'm glad you had such a good day, you needed and deserved it. :)
  9. Hound dog

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    Sounds like alot of fun MB, and new traditions worth keeping! :D Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  10. Wiped Out

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    New traditions are nice-yours sounds great. Glad to hear it was such a nice one!