New year new school new fears

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by HaoZi, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Poor kid. Really? Delaying the kid's lunch? Did they not know his history?

    Reminds me of a book that was recommended to me this past summer, Sleeping with Bread The book itself is about self exploration, but
    Haozi, stop looking for such articles! Yes, it is horrible, tragic, and happens way too often, but Kiddo has YOU to advocate and look out for her. If we acted on all our concerns and worries of the world at large, we'd sit at home and do NOTHING.
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    I was looking for educational articles on therapeutic holds and how to do various ones since she's almost my size now. That was what turned up in the search. :(
    I pretty much do just stay at home and do nothing... I have no life.
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    HaoZi, if your looking for how to do holds look up the Mandt program. I was a sp ed teacher and this was the program used to teach us. And yes they did tell us to not restrict the chest area or you could kill the child.
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    Thanks Lia, I'll look into that! One would think that not restricting or compressing the torso, neck, etc., would be common sense. *sigh* Common sense is mislabeled.
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    You're feeling down. Our feelings affect how we interpret what we experience from the world around us.
    So listen... 'cause I've been there.

    We don't "have a life" either. None of us - not even K2 who is almost easy child. We, collectively, have devoted our lives to giving K1 a chance at growing up and having a life. Because we're prepared to do this, friends and family desert - there's no possible way we need to be so rigid - what do you mean he can't go to all-night sleepovers, play hockey at 2am, etc. because everyone else his age does - ad nauseum. So we run solo. No support. Anywhere.

    Well - NOT QUITE. We found this board. We're not totally alone. And we're not useless.
    We learn things from each other. You share your experiences. I share mine. And between all of us collectively, its amazing how often we help someone else unravel some of the knottiest problems.
    You're part of that too.

    You do NOT just stay home and do nothing.
    You are a warrier parent with an extremely challenging child to raise.
    THAT is a full-time job and more, because its 24/7 with no relief.
    It just happens to be one of the toughest jobs in the world.

    I'm the analytical type - sometimes, husband has to get me to trim my screen time, because I don't have enough of me left for "real life".
    But I know what you mean about doing research, and then running into all sorts of negative stuff.
    REMEMBER - most of these stories come from kids who don't have a warrier parent.
    'Nuf said about that!

    Its the start of a new school year. Your difficult child is anxious, and so are you. Totally understandable.
    How can you find ways to manage your anxiety, so that it doesn't make her anxiety worse? And so that you can lead by example, and help her manage her anxiety also?

    Someone said: "There is no point in dwelling on the past, unless there is something I can learn from it; there is no point in worry unless there is something I need to change."

    Hang in there. Keep your chin up.
    You are both going to get through this.
    The new year will start... and you will take it as it comes.

    Just like the rest of us.

    (thanks for reminding me that I'm getting caught on the worry-rocker again!)
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    LOL Insane, thanks and you're welcome. I meant my comment to be humorous, but in many ways you're quite correct. Not that there's much to do where I live :p
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    HaoZi, I am looking at the same type of thing with difficult child. He is going to be starting at a new school in 2 weeks without me or his twin for support. He is very anxious and so am I to be perfectly honest. After what WE went through at our public school, I am worried about how HE will act in a strange setting with strange teachers and classmates without the natural supports he is accustomed to. As Insane said, WE will get through this. I just have to remember that I am the one who has to handle my anxiety so his doesn't get worse. Kiddo will be fine. After all, she DOES have you in her corner and I don't know that you'd let your own anxiety/worry get in the way of supporting her.

    PS. I don't have a life either.