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  1. mstang67chic

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    My dad and my brother are headed to New York City next week. They are going for a reason but will also have some free time to fill. Other than my brother's wish to see Chinatown, I don't think they really want to do much touristy stuff. Any New Yorkers or frequent visitors know of cool things to do or places to go that are kind of off the beaten tourist path? They will be staying at a hotel at JFK.

    Oh and keep in brother is UNDER 21! LOL
  2. everywoman

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    I was there in the spring.
    Central Park is a must see. Absolutely marvelous.
    Just walking around and seeing the architecture is a treat. Absolutely breathtaking.
    Ground zero and the church in front of it was a treat for my heart.
  3. mstang67chic

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    Is it St. Patricks that is next to ground zero? I was there (both St. Pat's and WTC) once but it was years ago and I don't remember where they were in relation to each other.
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    St. Patrick's is close by, but I think this is another church. It is a small church they used as ground zero headquarters. They have a nice display on 911.
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    They might enjoy just walking around Times Square. We liked Ellis Island, too.
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    Are you thinking of Trinity Church up on Broadway?

    There's plenty to see. The Museum of Natural History (remember Night at the Museum?), the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Wax Museum, there are Circle Line tours that let you cruise around Manhattan, Ellis Island (immigrant pass through) is beautifully renovated, the Cloisters, and I think that the Intrepid is back in its dock.

    There's tons to see and do, but most of it is pretty pricey

    Here's the visitors portion of the New York City website.

    If they want a cheap couple of hours, they can take the Staten Island Ferry (I think it's a dollar round trip) and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from a distance. It's a quiet ride - basically a commuter ferry.

    If I see anything else, I'll let you know!

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    Tourist things in NY can be expensive---the staten island ferry is a fun boat ride and you get a great view of the statue of liberty. If they are walkers, they can then walk lower manahttan a bit. The river to river festival is right in the ferry station for live free entertainment. I have walked to south street seaport from there. it is a bit of a walk. but that takes you to wall street as well.

    Chinatown is a great is like no other. And affordale good food.

    My favorite lesser known museum is the lower east side tenement museum. Although it may be pricey. The website is good and that neighborhood is cool.

    My children like Times Square for the ESPN Zone and a few cool stores.

    total grunge NY now being gentrified is Tompkis Square Park. The Life Cafe as filmed in Rent is there. My son's favorite 24 hour diner type restaurant 7A is on the opposite corner. Local color.

    Central Park is huge and like no other and this time of year has lots of activity. Free and donation requested music and events.

    Just some thoughts.....we love manhattan. Iwill say the other boroughs are filled with cool stuff that I know less about!
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    Thanks everyone! I'll pass on the suggestions to them.

    I had to groan though. I sent my own list of stuff to my brother (hoping he would get me some pics) and his reply just had me shaking my head. LOL Keep in mind that we're talking about MY brother and both of us just "ain't right". LOL He said that he would be happy if he got the opportunity to cause a cabbie to slam on his brakes (while my brother jaywalked) so he could throw his arms up and say "Hey! I'm walking here!"
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    i know those hotels, i used to live a few exits from there.......

    yea i'd go for central park, it's beautiful this time of the year. or if they don't wanna go all the way up to manhattan there is a beautiful place not far off from where they will be.

    if they take the belt parkway that's right near jfk all the way down to exit 4 right before the verrezano bridge exit there is a beautiful park right on the water, you can see the city from there, and there are alot of cool restaraunts there as well, it's called Bay Ridge area. I lived there as a kid. that is if they don't wanna do the whole drive into city thing.
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    If they will have a car, their options are better though for going into the city, I recommend the train. They can take the Air Train from JFK to Jamaica and then switch to the subway or take the Long Island RailRoad into the city or out to Long Island.

    I would do the Staten Island Ferry on the day they do Chinatown; it's a quick trip downtown and they can do Ground Zero then as well. That's a good afternoon.

    St. Patrick's is not really near Ground Zero, but it is about equidistant between Central Park and the Empire State Building. Rockefeller Center is across the street from St. Patrick's which is at 5th Avenue and 53rd Street.

    The park Jena suggested sounds nice. I'm a Bronx girl so I've never really been to that area but I did live in Bay Ridge briefly years ago and it's a very cool area.