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  1. Hi! I found this site through the wonders of google, I'm a British effectively singe parent, I say effectively because I'm married to an American and we're caught up in the politics of obtaining visas. I'm mummy to a three year old boy, who I can only describe as the devil child, nothing I've tried has worked, from positive reinforcement to star charts and time outs, he runs riot in the house, chasing and hitting our two cats, to emptying entire bottles of milk on the floor....and everything in between and worse. I suffer from severe depression which I take medications for, but he hasn't been diagnosed with any kind of cognitive or behavioural disorder, which is partially my fault, my depression makes me paranoid and I do not feel comfortable with the health visitors we've had.

    I'm happy to have found this site, my single patent friends have easy going well behaved children so I feel very isolated, not that I take pleasure in your situations, but it's nice to know I'm not alone :)
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    Welcome. Is there anyway to get different health visitors? I am not too familiar with Englands health care system. Are you planning on moving to the US or is your hubby moving to england?

    It is hard when everyone has has well behaved kiddos and ours are anythingbut.
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    T&T ~ Welcome! No advice ~ Just encouargement ~ This is a WONDERFUL place to come. It is hard to see others that seem to have perfect kids ~ Remember -nobody has a perfect life - we just all deal with different issues. Ours happens to be our children. Again - Welcome! {hugs}
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    Hi Tiredandtearful,

    No advice either. Just want to let you know I'm sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. This is a great site, filled with caring, knowledgeable people. It helped get me through some very dark times with my difficult children. I hope it will help you too. SFR
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    I'm really happy you found us too... (and as the saying goes) but sorry you had to.

    SfR is right, this site is my online family. Welcome home Tiredandtearful.
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    Welcome tired! I can understand your feelings. It can be very overwhelming more so when feeling depressed and a pat on the back for getting help for that. It's quite natural, at times, to feel the way you do with those that enter our lives for our children. The key to it is to find someone we find comfortable with and you will in time. You will just need to find a way to help yourself to do that and finding the "right" person that puts you at ease will also help a whole lot, trust me.

    I can also relate, as many of us here, how isolated you feel with others having children that are not like ours. It's ok, come here, often, it will help you and you can learn lots of information that will help you in many ways.

    crazymama asked if you were moving here to US, that would better able us to help you in the future to know. I'm sorry you and your husband are having difficulties with visas. Any ideas how much longer that process is going to take? Is there any provision that might help you get them quicker if there is medical need for your son? (just thinking out loud here for your son)

    In either case, we're glad you found us and welcome aboard!