newbie here finally made app with dr.

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    My son Cameron has all the symptons of ODD. I have had three people tell me they see the signs and I ahve been trying to deny it. Well, today was the final straw, after a fun day with gma she asked for a hug for NO reason ay all he walks up and head butts her in the tummy. I sent him to his room took away the blanket and TV(his favorites) and picked up the phone. I have an appointment in two weeks. Tjey said they wanted to talk to me first. What can I expect.
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    Welcome, I'm glad you found us. It's a tough job raising a child with issues so I hope you'll find this place to be supportive and informative.

    What to expect at an appointment really varies depending on the type of specialists and the arrangement (ie team vs. individual set up). Some areas will do an intake appointment with the parent only and then bring in the child. What kind of specialist are you scheduled to see?

    This should be helpful to you:
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    I would bring a list of all the behaviors that you find not age appropriate. See if you can get others to give you their thoughts. Sometimes outsiders see things differently. We all know that could be good or bad, but it is good to hear what others have to say just to provoke your thoughts.

    Keep a journal of all activities. Sleeping, bathroom times, what he eats and when, the behavior itself, etc. Keep times of day for all things. Some find a specific time of day is a major struggle for the kids. Perhaps he is worse/better after his one hour of TV after his nap. Things like that.

    And do not go in there telling the doctor what you think your child has. Some docs do not like to be told how to do their job. Besides, you want an unbiased opinion. If you think it is wrong you can always make your comments to get him/her to see different aspects that you see.