Newbie in NYC - Need MD Referrals

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Meta_Mama, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Hello everyone. So nice to have found this little resting place in cyberspace. My son is 16 now and I've been having power struggles with him since he was 2. Because he is my only child I just thought that was the way kids were. Now it's as if a veil has been lifted and I'm seeing that his defiant behavior is not normal at all (based on research I've done online and speaking with his school counselors). He has not been evaluated for ODD, ADD, ADHD or any of the other alphabet disorders though I am looking for a qualified therapist now. If anyone can recommend a good therapist for adolescents (specfiically in terms of evaluation) in New York City I would be most appreciative!

    FYI - a little background, I myself have suffered with a moderate depression for most of my life, though never had any learning or defiance issues. Now that my depression has lifted (natuarlly with yoga/meditation/affirmations) I am able to see more clearly that my son has issues that need to be addressed. I worry my own mental health issues have made him the way he is.

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    Welcome, Meta_Mama. I hope you'll find some good help and support here.

    Anyone with recommendations for MM can send those via Private messaging as we don't list professionals here publically.
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    Hi! Welcome to the crowd! If you could specify what part of NYC you're talking about (which boro) you'll probably get more responses!

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    Meta - welcome!

    Do you really think he will speak with a therapist? What about getting a diagnosis first? How about an evaluation of his entire behavior? I think looking for a neuropsychologist first is the best approach.
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    Thanks. NYC as in Manhattan (or any boro...willing to travel for the right Dr.)

    And thanks for helping me to see the difference between a therapist vs. neuropsychologist. Mainly I want evaluation. And yes, my son is open to therapy...he WANTS the pain to stop. He's tired of fighting as well but doesn't know how :(
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    Hi! There are great psychiatric depts. in NYU, Columbia, Mt. Sinai and Bellevue. Check with your insurance and see who's covered.

    Since you're in Manhattan, you might want to check with your pediatrician to see who they'd recommend. I've also heard really good things about Long Island Jewish on the LI/Queens border (near the Belt Parkway the the Cross Island.

    There's supposed to be a fantastic Child Psychiatrist in Bellevue, but was unable to get her name.

    Let me know what you find out - we might be looking into traveling into Manhattan for our oldest! Maybe we can meet up at the Ferry! lol!

    Good luck and remember to make sure that wherever you go, your insurance will work with you!