Newbie - Sending son off to RTP

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Not So Sunny California, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Hi there! Newbie here. My son is 15 and in a private short term facility (only 5 beds) and we are planning on WINNING our IEP battle and placing him in an RTP. Looking for guidance, advice, what to expect, what to look for?...

    Gael, So Cal
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    Hi Gael,

    You have posted on the General section of the Board, where you will get a warm welcome and lots of support and suggestions.

    if you want specific help/suggestions for dealing with school and IEP issues, please repost on Special Education 101 section which deals specifically with school issues.

    I'm glad you found us but sorry you need to. How old are your teens and what genders?

  3. Martie -
    Thank you for the welcome. I don't think that the Special Education 101 section is what I'm looking for. I am well educated in the IEP process, have all my approvals, funding etc. Just looking for support on how to emotionally handle transport, siblings, etc.

    Thanks, G
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    Hi Gael -

    I just wanted to welcome you to the board. :flower:

    It would be helpful if you gave a little history on your difficult child (Gift from God - the child that brings you here). It enables us to provide better support, advice, been there done that's. :smile:

    I'm dead tired, but can't sleep which is why I'm on the board - but really not useful tonight for much else. I did want to welcome you to the board, though.
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    New here as well.. and know what your going or fixing to go through.. but as stated above.. maybe you could write your "Story" would be a huge help.. trust this site.. these folks are a GREAT help