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    Well found this site while googling the internet. I am a mother of two boys. My oldest (12) is the source of head banging frustration. He was diagnosed with ADHD/ODD about 4 years ago. He was on concerta for 2 years and then taken off (at the recommendation of the doctor) For a year he did very well, but the behavioral issues started again at the begining of this past school year. His primary doctor started him on stratera but he had an allergic reaction then she tried foclin but it didnt help him any. He was previously on concerta which seemed to work but we didnt want him back on that for the side effects that he experienced. Right now we are still waiting for a medication re-evaulation and have been for the better part of the year. In the mean time his behaviors have worsened. I guess right now Ia am just feeling as though I am at my wits end, and was just looking for other parents who understand what we are going through. I will end this for now, it seems to be turning into a novel.---- enduring war everyday, combat_parent.
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    medications are difficult to figure out. My difficult child had improvement at school on Ritalin, but after being on it for awhile she was like a zombie. Barely spoke a word! Straterra made her 'hate me' - her words! Concerta made her angry and frustrated (more than usual ;)). But, Adderall has done wonders for her.

    It can take some time to get the right medication or medication combo working.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you found us, but sorry you needed to.

    Sorry for all the questions, but your answers will help us help you.

    What kind of doctor diagnosed your son?
    What kind of doctor is prescribing his medications?
    Has he ever had a neuropsychological evaluation?
    What specific behaviors are you seeing that concern you?
    How does he do in school, both academically and with peers?
    Any developmental or speech delays?
    Any sensory issues (for example, sensitivity to clothing tags, food textures, loud noises)?
    Any mental health or substance abuse issues in the family tree?

    Again, welcome.
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    Hi there and welcome.
    Has he ever had a neuropsychologist evaluation? Who diagnosed him? Are you comfortable with the diagnosis? What behaviors are worrying you?

    Are there any mood disorders on either side of the family tree? Substance abuse? How does he do socially with his same age peers? Any developmental delays? Does he have "quirks?"

    I wouldn't trust a pediatrician or family doctor to diagnose a childhood disorder.
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    yes he has had the neuropsychologist evaluation done. He was diagnosed at a pediatric center specializing in ADHD, ODD, ADD and such. During the initial evaluation he was seen and observed by seven different doctors. The ADHD is apparent in his inability to sit still or to stay focased for any length of time. Things need to be broken down for him in steps if not it is to overwhelming for him. The ODD is what concerns me the most. When he gets angry he mumbles under his breath and it is not usually very nice. He is argumentive with his teachers and becomes rude and belegerant so then it escalates and then he is just completly uncontrollable for them. He loves to antagonize and push peoples buttons and then when he gets in trouble it is always someone else's fault. he has his good days where he is 100% on and does very well and is proud of himself. He has recieved many planning sheets and detentions. He has many issues at school making friends for the most part people dont want to be around him because of the way he acts. Home isnt too bad. I have found with him when he starts to show signs of frustration and anger I back off for a little while and give him time and then we go back to whatever it was that we were doing( usually homework or household chores) and he is able to complete it. At home he likes to push buttons too, but at home we are able to ignore that behavior and not react to it and I would say 7 times out of ten he stops the other three is when we do end up having to step in and give him a place where there is nothing he can throw or push around till he calms down and that usually works. When it doesnt work we are listening to how unfair everything is because he didnt do anything and everyone is always picking on him. School has been very difficult for yes my son is usually at the bottom of things but he also endures being picked on and the school has told us right out that anything my son says another child has done or said to him will not be believed and that the teachers and staff didnt have to see or hear anything my son has done, any student comming to them with something would be believed and my son would recieve a planning sheet and detention. It has only made everything worse (a new school district this past year) now his attitude is that he doesnt care about anything, hates school and feels that he doesnt need to behave at all for he is going to be in trouble anyways. Academically he does well except for math. He has to work really hard at math and is a source of great frustration and we usually had to battle with him for the better part of the night to do his homework. so a little background:) will end for now this one could possibly turn into a thesis...combat_parent
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    me again oops family history. While I was never diagnosed with anything or on medications for anything I was a problem child I put my parents through he77 right up till I was an adult. My parents have always said they wouldnt have wished a child like me on thier worst enemy lol I guess I am being paid back. I did "grow" up and out of my issues. His biological father hmmm... although there isnt a diagnosis on his side I would put money that he is odd. He never was able to take responsibility for his actions and was a very abusive person emotionally and physically. He hasnt had anything to do with his son since he was a baby. I always hoped and prayed that my son wouldnt be like his father, and it is looking as though he is on his way. Mt son does have a stepfather that has been 100% dad to him since he was two. He doesnt have any texture issues with clothing, he used to have a tic of wiping his nose every 10 seconds when he was younger now he scratches at his bug bitestill they bleed then continually picks the scabs leaving a lot of little scars on his legs and arms. originally it was the pediatric center that prescribed his medications. now in the past year it was his doctor that prescribed strattera and then focalin. We are now waiting for an appoitment back to the pediatric center for the re_evaul and have been for most of the year they are backed up I guess it is not helping us or my son though. combat_parent
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    Hello Combat Parent--

    Welcome to the group. I like your name.....I think many of us find ourselves "in combat" at home. It can be exhausting.

    You are definitely not alone.

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    I am 33 yr widowed mom of 13yr daughter. She was premie & had couple birthdefects. was diagnosis w ADHD six yrs ago& was on Concerta & w ODD a yr ago,changed medications to Vyvance. the only dad she knew (from 6mo old) died when she was 9. We constanly fight & I cannot seem to get her to obey the rules, which have never changed. anyone got advice? thanks