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    I'm a newbie to this thread and I dont understand the lingo...ghg, stay at home mom etc. How do i post and introduce myself and confused about how to do signature or what to put in sig. My name is Kim and I have an 8 yr old girl with autism, odd, adhd and I am at my wits end with her difficult behavior. I need help. Please Help me!!
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    Hi Kitty and welcome!

    Glad you found our soft corner of the world. For more information on creating your signature and how to post go to the Forums page and then click on the
    "Site help and Resources" forum. Once there you will find the information you need.
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    Hi there and welcome.
    Can you tell us more about your child? It's easier to help if we know the back story and history.
    Who diagnosed her? Are you comfortable with the diagnosis? Is she getting any help in school/the community? You may want to do a signature like I did below.
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    For the acronyms, just hover your cursor over the letter and the words get spelled out for you. difficult child = Gift From God - that is the term used for our troubled kids. easy child = Perfect Child - the kids that although are far from perfect, did not bring us to the site.

    You just made a first post, so you can just reply to this or start a new one. You can private message a mod if you need more help.