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    My son is 6 years old and has been on an IEP for 3 years now. He was originally put on it due to speech problems. As the years progressed ppl couldn't understand him and that made him angry. So he started to show his emotions in other ways. Long story short he now has behavioral problems. Now that his speech is much better the school is considering takeing him off the IEP. I went through the motions to get him diagnosed as ADD with a side of ODD. He is developmentally delayed physically, socially and emotionally. Up to this point the school has not been neither helpful nor understanding of his condition. with this newly diagnosed condition what changes should I expect from the school? Is there anyone out there with a blue light special kid like mine? I don't expect the school to open up the flood gates of services but a little understanding would be nice.
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    There are a lot of blue light special kids out there. lol

    The school district is suppose to evaluate at least once every 3 years.

    You should expect whatever services and accommodations your child needs.

    As the parent, you are a member of the IEP team. You can call an IEP meeting at any time. And I'd do just that.

    Hopefully, your report has recommendations in it. You can also make recommendations you think are needed.

    Your sd may or may not accept your private evaluation. If not, they need to do a reevaluation.

    There is information in the Sp Ed Archives that you may find very helpful, e.g., learning more about your's and your child's rights, IDEA law, preparing for an IEP meeting, etc.

    Welcome to the site.:D