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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Hello everybody. We have been out of touch for a while but I have occasionally looked at the forum.
    Today is the last day of the school year and J's last day at the village school. Mixed feelings I think. We are shortly leaving for Morocco and he is enrolled in a small school in Marrakesh for the next year - basically following the conventional French programme. He is making slow progress with his reading, etc. His social problems become more apparent to me, I think. I see how other children get irritated with him because of his hyperactivity/impulsivity, etc. He is quick to quarrel with others, essentially because of his hurt feelings, I think, and lack of skill in finding other ways to respond. I wish he could be going to a school that helps him learn such things! For the moment, his only real emotional school is me and I feel often lacking because of my own shortcomings and stress :) But we do the best we can.
    He has been following a homeopathic course of treatment for about four months now, called CEASE therapy which people might want to look up online. Whether coincidence or not, he seems to have become a little more reasonable and open to listening/co-operation though the meltdowns continue when he is hungry and tired.
    He will miss the freedom of the village, every crook and cranny and secret pathway of which he knows by heart... but I shall not miss its incestuous gossiping and backbiting, with the few notable exceptions of honest and principled souls! My neighbours are truly nightmarish and I dream of selling the house. Shame it is such a bad time to sell any house anywhere!
    So that is our little update. Wish us luck on our journey to Morocco!
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    Hope the move goes well, and that J settles in well. Helps, perhaps, that it is not a totally "foreign" environment.

    Please keep in touch!
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    Best of luck to you both. DDD