Nice, the questions they ask.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, May 1, 2012.

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    So difficult child is getting ready for bed, I go in to shut his light off and we do our routine.

    He calls me back in and has me do a few things, and before I leave he asks me "Mom, is a hickey really when a girl licks your neck?"

    Omw, I almost started laughing. I thought for a minute and replied, "No, it is a bruise. You get it when someone sucks on your neck hard enough to make a bruise." "ewww" was his reply.

    when a girl licks your neck???? do I even want to know what else he believes?
  2. Tiapet

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    LOL cute! Kids hear and believe, until they are told otherwise some really strange things. Growing up my sister had a friend who believed she could get pregnant from KISSING! lol I've heard some doozies over the years from kids. probably will too. I don't think anything shocks me. I actually enjoy hearing them anymore because they do amuse me.
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    Yes, a lot of girls were told they could get pregnant by kissing so that they wouldn't kiss and of course, go further than that. Amazing that it worked in the early 1900s and kept people from getting pregnant until they were at least engaged. With the Internet, THAT type of misinformation doesn't work any more!
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    LOL that is funny. I remember when my girl friend told me about sex. I asked my mom on the way home from her house if it was true. Mom then asked if I had any questions, my only concern was if that was the only way to get a baby could we at least leave our clothes on? My mom said yes, you can wear your nightgown but it wont happen till I grow up so I dont need to worry about it now....