No appointment Until Nov 12/ family says theres no such thing ADHD/BiPolar etc!!!

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    Hello all :) Well,knowing some of you had to wait longer than me (once you got a referral or made an appointment" I feel lucky. His appointment is Nov 12 just to go explain whats wrong with him/ what reg pediatrician found! Then if needed the neuro evaluation!!!! So, Im scared , excited and frustrated. My main concern is that he is failing and its going to take so long- So If they finish and if there's medications/therapy depending what they find.. wont be until January??? Ugghh !!!( They wanted him with me today I guess they asked where he was- but they weren't going to even see him anyway.) Hes taking the IOWA test as we speak from 8am - all morning daily this week.

    How can I help my son at least pass with C's this year? Hes got many d/f's!!! :( I got to get a tutor for home maybe he will listen better to him/her but at school?? I know Trail Mix for snack helps concentration- help please?

    Ok , some of my family says its all made up and its bu** , kids back in the day had each other, no phone, no tv, no junk,( Ok, yes, dyes/certain foods can make issues true- allergies yes that they didn't have back then) no video games , only like hopscotch etc. No one ever had this trouble with their kids. Yet they understand Schizophrenia. I told them that most kids are born with these disorders, maybe all, the brain is different like missing something or too much of something else etc. Still, they say its an excuse for whatever reason.

    I am sooo scared- what if this Dr says my son is fine? That it is all me? I take the blame but than I will know it is all me. Although my daughter is quite, shes "normal" or different than my son and my friends daughter who has issues. Sorry for venting again.
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    I'm sorry. Its definitely NOT you. I have four kids and three are totally normal and 1 is a difficult child with similar issues to your son. I think the home tutor is a good idea.
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    fun fam,
    Thank you :) I know what your saying. Because of my boy only other outside "counseling sessions=3" I just feel they will say my son is bright, its all me and "let him grow again". I have that fear we wont get help..I hope Im wrong. I will get him a tutor for home. I have to work so I cant keep him home but I don't know what Im going to have to do.

    I hope you get your son is diagnosed soon! I know its hard because a lot of Dr.s want to wait until their 7 to make sure they "grow out" of the "hyperness " or whatever each one calls it. Do you have him in any therapy? I know, thats sometimes its hard to without a diagnoses! My son started his issues at 1 1/2 ( more when he was closer to 2 plus) old and only has gotten worse- well one summer was overall good without tantrums but.. he was still extremely defiant and mouthy. Its so hard isnt it? My son, I feel, even without diagnoses, behavior therapy ( and therapy for me to learn how to handle him besides the book) would helped all these years!!!!

    Good luck
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    Good luck with the appointment. I know it's hard to wait but it will totally be worth it. I am lucky and both my kids were seen withing the first week that I called the dr. office. I agree a home tutor sounds like a great idea. My difficult child had a tutor last year and did really well. I simply don't have the patience to try and help her myself. I am the last person difficult child listens to and it was always a battle for her to get anything done. Put in somebody she doesn't even know trying to teach her the same stuff I was trying to do, and she was totally successful. Go figure. Anyway, good luck!
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    If they say it's you, time to go to a neuropsychologist. It's not you.
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    If they say it's you, it's time to send THEM to the neuropsychologist... (too bad it doesn't work that way!)
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    Confused--yes, my son has been in therapy for awhile. He's been through 4 therapists actually. One quit because she had a baby, one was very in-experienced so we dropped her, one left to work at a Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and our current therapist is great and we have been with him for awhile. Its hard to tell if therapy is helping though because he has so many ups and downs.
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    Californiablonde- Thanks, I don't know how much longer I can wait. I mean after tonight again just asking him nicely to use the restroom before his cub scout meeting set him off because- we weren't going to go without him at least trying. He always holds it to where we have to pull over and use someones bathroom! Screaming, kicking, he slammed the door on my hand and cut it :( Cops were down the street ( three houses down) and they were looking and pointing over here. He's screaming bloody murder "HELP POLICE HELP" while he was in the car. My dad wouldnt pull out cuz his shoe untied and no bathroom. My daughter has had her last straw with him, I mean, I know siblings fight but she really is past the holding back stage. Shes not quite so much anymore and she is really fed up with her having to stay after school because he doesnt finish his classwork. I don't know Im seriously thinking to put him in the hospital for a few days :( That will be on his record and I know how those places are because when I refused school, they put me in a hospital for troubled kids! Its a memory I cant shake :( Nor my record! Thanks tho, and yes, I agree, our kids would probably do better with a stranger or someone else, and we can focus on other issues with them. Im happy she was successful!!!!

    MidwestMom- Thank you :) When we pulled up this am, the sign said" Pediatric Neurology" so I have no idea what to expect. There were two young girls with Cerbal Palsey, One young 17/18 yr old? Boy Downs Syndrome and a teenage girl looks ok, getting a prescription ( or referral- I think prescription) I will keep looking-

    InsaneCdn- I wish!!!!! That should work that way :) haha

    fun fam- I hope this one will work for your family :) Im glad he's been in therapy and I stay stick with as long as you can! I cant wait until we can go, I wanna go now :(

    I really wish you guys were here in the flesh- In a dreamworld huh? But I love this sight so much - I love how wonderful you all are !!!! And honest!!!!!! Thank you