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    difficult child is now being privately tutored by his School District's Reading Specialist.

    We are also waiting to hear if he is going to qualify for Title 1 Reading services. (Reading Specialist almost assures us he should qualify, fingers crossed)

    So we are on the upswing there. His grades have all come up and he is passing every subject some with A's.

    husband and I are so proud but now we are getting emails from his teacher saying his behavior is VERY poor.

    Can we just have one day where is passing all his classes and manages to behave well ?

    I think not !
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    Shelly -
    It's related. The effort it takes for him to do the work, is SO major that... even a slight increase in output = major increase in burnout = behavior problems.

    Any way school can reduce the load? example: math, do 75% of the problems (teacher picks), or 50% (at one point, difficult child was doing 33%... )
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    I figured as much ... He is releasing stress for sure ...

    It is not that we are not upset about it, but it is only class clown types of behavior, nothing too extreme...

    Just typical things that happen in our world ...
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    School should be able to work with you to provide "more positive" ways for him to relieve stress... even if they have to do it for the whole class...

    I've seen teachers have the whole class go "wheelbarrowing" down the halls for 5 mins whenever part of the class gets restless... There's probably a dozen or two dozen things that would help. I just HATE it when schools focus on the behavior instead of on "things that help".
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    :hamwheelsmilf:My son never ceases to amaze me ...

    Today he gets the 3 R's award at school...

    Which means he is RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, AND READY ... lol

    Last week I was getting an email that his behavior was less than desired but he is passing all his classes and this week ???

    The 3 R award was not from his classroom teacher but from the school guidance counselor.

    At least it is a positive and happy day today:happyguy:

    Oh well as usual ups and downs around here ...