No contact on Christmas..


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Just wanted to give an update and I guess ask if this is normal...
So my son did commit to going to a sober living home a week ago. Seems to like it there. Knew that if he didn't change his environment he would not recover. We helped him move and pack his things and broke the lease...
Have heard from him most every day since even if it is just a little something but today, Christmas, heard nothing. My daughter sent him a text as well and no reply.
Just yesterday his house manager told me he was doing great.
Not sure if they are told not to contact family or what. Just seems strange that he wouldn't text anything. I send a Merry Christmas text but no reply.


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It could be that he had phone privileges taken away for some reason. At some of the sober living houses and halfway houses we have here, they take away phone privileges for minor things, like not making the bed, etc. If you're still worried tomorrow you could call the house manager.

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Even if he has his own cell it may have died. They are always forgetting to charge them. Or maybe he is just sad and decided to sleep through Christmas.


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Trying, I hope you hear soon if you haven’t already. It’s hard when they are out of contact. I’m so glad he entered sober living though!


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So sorry you are in this position.

My son was in many sober living and halfway houses out of state and I KNOW the feelings you have firsthand.

Hopeful but guarded. Happy but sad. Just so many emotions.

I do hope that this nightmare ends for you soon and your son truly gets on the right path.