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    I attempted to get an attorney on board who advertises in the beginning as the natural abilities obvious in my son were not being supported as he does need the help in the classrooms.

    It is so sad as the children then learn anyway, they learn to cope with the indifferance of adults. Learning lessons that are not what we are all hoping they will acquire in thier lives as school children from adults.

    Also I can not hire an attorney to travel to our area sight unseen. So I had been limping along with only those who I have talked with over the phone.
    And the many meetings with the 504 and befor the school dumped many IEP last year as the DOE said was needed.

    THe school is under restructuring at this time. Perhaps that also means that any more cuff they have legally will improve the conditions that follow. I hope so. I feel that the school district over the six years that my son with his specific needs has been neglected by non-compliance and the lack of using the plan or the lack of input by anyone who has found a tip that worked for him to achieve his academic abilities. The fact that districts do know when they have these individule children coming up through the system and are not preparing for them.

    The fact the school centers on "behavior" looking at the diagnosis while the learning disablility issues that are classic to adhd: finemotor(handwrittint) and focus to achieve completions attending to the details required in all the
    subjects using writting as not pursued meaningfully.

    At this point the school will not have the facts and they do not care. And it is sad that to this day the diagnosis and not the ability that students do have are the focal points.

    I know I was not prepared to engage in an adversarial judicial process over a student who is doing their part.

    I hope that someone can help with this and wanting more details information from me into cyber space is not what I am comfortable offering.
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    How can we help you?
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    It sounds as tho you might be looking for tips with regards to your educational advocacy needs.

    While you may not wish to divulge too much personal information, even the basics aren't really quite clear; such as where you are from.....Special Education practices vary from region to region.

    Parents are wonderful resources for their own children and hopefully you can learn from the experience of others, as well. Building an educational plan(either a 504 or an IEP) that is strength-based would be an asset, but a diagnosis helps keep all the bases covered.
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    Sheila: Yesterday I did get the form and spoke with the student services coordinator. Today what I need to do is fill in the reason to request and attache any additonal information.

    Since elementary school he has not been reevaluated by test. What I was asked is what type of testing do I want. HE had IQ testing done in elementary where the handwritten work was substatially below his medium scores.

    He has had many A grades and I feel that what he needs from his teachers or any supports is the interaction to "get" the detail for doing so in all subjects.

    The hokey system that has been in place requires me to contact teachers and learn what is needed from then to then attempt to track him for on task from home. And that is just not working at all. They do not do their part even when I or the 504 contacts them.

    I want the next year and a half to be success for him as this is the opppertunity for him to "get" what he does need to do for acedemic excellence.
    What I need to know is what to write in the form that will get the testing so that they can rule out or rule in a significant change in that early written to other topics testing. And then to see what other gaps are detectable so he is not limping along with this based on assumptions and not evidence from test as to what is going on for him.
    ANy ides for this?
    Thank you.
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    You don't need to use an attorney in your county. You DO need to use an attorney in your state, or consult (online/telephone) with one who is familiar with state laws. The attorney would not travel to your area sight unseen. YOU would travel to his/her office for an initial consulation and to determine whether he/she can help you, and if so, how to procede. Sometimes all that is needed is for the attorney to write a letter. Sometimes the atty would need to accompany you to school district meetings.

    No school district is responsible by law for a student's achieving "academic exellence"--not even for non-special education students.
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    As you've experienced, 504's are hard to enforce.

    Your child needs a full evaluation. On your other thread regarding sample letters, I've edited a letter that should make the sd comply with-IDEA regs regarding evaluations and re-evaluations.

    by the way, just so you know, the sd may not dismiss an IEP student from IDEA/IEP without first having done a reevaluation. If a parent is not careful, the "reevaluation" amounts to nothing more than "we say difficult child is no longer eligible for an IEP."

    If you read the regs, unless there's a good reason not to and parent agrees, reevaluations are supposed to be done the same way the initial evaluation was done.

    But in your difficult child's case, he's been dropped from Special Education therefore he has to go through the process as if he'd never been qualified for an IEP.

    The evaluation he needs is the Full and Initial evaluation (called by different names in states).

    Just so you know, the regs state that the child shall be evaluated in all areas of "suspected" disability. You can help the sd "suspect" using a Parent Report. If you do, retitle it Parent Input.

    Good luck!
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    Sheila: the 504 is a sham utterly inappropriate for my difficult child.