No good deed goes unpunished...

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    I've been making a conscious effort to eat better and get to the gym for at least a half hour hour every day. Miss KT plans to run track at her new college next year, and needs to start conditioning, so every morning, we tie our shoes and head out. Since I blew out my knee on a treadmill the first time, I figured one of those sitting down bicycles...recumbent (?)...would put less pressure on my knees. Not. On the knee the ortho refuses to operate on anymore, I now have a shred of remaining meniscus that clicks and catches when I walk. OW OW OW OW OW.

    And while I was putting clean clothes away, I pushed on a drawer the wrong way, and my right hand, the one that I just got the stitches out of, caught the edge of the drawer and kind of popped open. No blood, but...OW OW OW OW OW.

    I think I'll stay on the couch for awhile. My Little Pony comes on in an hour or so...
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    Owowowowowowwwwww - I am having such sympathy pains right now!!! I totally understand about the knee for I also have little to no meniscus to work with. Ow.

    Will your hand be okay? Maybe you could catch an episode of Jerry Springer reruns or Judge Judy.
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    My little pony is back on??

    Gawd I hated that show, but easy child LOVED it lol

    OUch Ouch Ouch!

    I have similar issues via exercising and they tend to catch me off guard which is not a good thing.

    Upper body is both shoulders. IF by chance it doesn't get me when I'm doing the gets me later, most especially if I'm trying to sleep.

    Torso is where I had a couple kidney surgeries......they thought splitting the muscle would be much better than cutting it. Let me tell you......IT"S NOT! I can't do sit ups. I have to watch it when I bend over. The same muscles they split now have a tendency to bunch over each other and bring me to my knees in the most breath take away gawd awful pain on earth. Then they spasm and it get a new level of gawd awful pain.....rated at about 20 on a 1-10 scale.

    Foot. Most of the time this is ok..........then it hits. Too much walking and I almost feel like I broke it again. Almost.

    I still try to exercise but it certainly makes it a challenge to do so.

    I hope your hand will be ok.

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    Ouch. Hope it wasn't damaged.
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    There's your excuse to watch the Casey Anthony trial! I'm sorry about your knee, did you ever try an Eliptical machine? I used to box, and my knees were so bad from jumping, and jumping jacks, but wouldn't hurt at all when I went on that Eliptical. They did hurt to run on the street, but never on that machine.
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    SPARKLE PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE PONIES!!!!! they just never made a comable brushable donkey!

    Sorry about your hand luv -------hope you get to the doctor and have it taken care of. DON"T JUST ASSUME IT WILL BE OKAY - get thee to a doctor!