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    We are out of hot water. The breaker kicked yesterday morning so husband reset it. He also reset the hot water heater as he was supposed to.

    Still no hot water.

    We are hoping to just replace one heating element, but I don't know if it will work.

    Argggghhhh! I HATE not having hot water!!

    Now husband is thumping and rushing around because I did not tell him I am an "expert" on this. I told him I read ONE article online and he was going to have to figure it out himself. My suggestion to google "replace heating element in electric hot water heater" was met with disbelief.

    I calmly continued what I was doing so he started rushing and slamming in the hopes I will get sick of hearing it and do the job for him.

    For many years my husband has been VERY persistent at not getting "it" whenever "it" was something he didn't want to do or mess with. Now I am going to also be very persistent at "not getting it" with it being how much he doesn't want to bother with this.

    I will let him slam. IF he has a calm, polite question or request for help THEN I will do what i can to help. Physically I just cannot do the job today. No possible way. So he will have to or wait a few days until I can.

    But whatever, he MUST use his words in a calm, adult fashion. I hate no hot water but I hate hate hate and despise being manipulated by the tantrums and fits of a grown man who knows better.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I do the same thing with my husband. Our master shower has sat unused for nearly a year because of a crack in the grout caused by an earthquake... and he says he doesn't know how to fix it and wants me to try. I told him I'll get to it when I can (or feel like it).