No Kanga, I don't want to talk

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I've been ignoring calls from Kanga all day. I had a lot of stuff to get done and I know she is calling cause she's "bored" due to being on restrictions.

    I know I should have just kept ignoring. I am weak. I answered. First, staff had the call on speak phone when I answered. Completely against how we accept calls -- their staff is so poorly trained it is laughable.

    Then Kanga is all excited cause she thinks that the supervisor is going to put her back on the highest level. Seriously? SHE TRIED TO STAB SOMEONE. She told me I am too negative.

    Sorry Kanga, you are making breath-takingly awful choices with your life, you are not someone I enjoy talking with. If I am honest and tell you how bad your behavior is, you get defensive and hostile. And I refuse to enter your delusional Kanga-world where you are perfect and the center of the universe.
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    J3, I know its little consolation, but I admire the tenacity you and your family has shown in this situation. I hope some day Kanga understands it, but even if she doesn't, I want you to know that I truly admire the strength and commitent you have demonstrated thru this. I would think most would have disrupted by now.

    I am sorry for you pain.
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    Hugs... Wow, they're out there, aren't they?!
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    Any chance they had it on speaker to monitor her? Either way, eesh. How's the transport plans to the new place coming along?
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    Sending you HUGS and cyber strength JJJ.
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    The new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is coming to get her on Thursday. Current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) refused to help at all.

    Kanga has very specific phone rules. A staff must call and confirm that it is husband or I who answer and then pass the phone to Kanga. This is to prevent her from getting access to the other children. So for staff to already have the call on speaker is wrong wrong wrong (1) a child could answer and she would be able to say something to them prior to staff being able to disconnect the call -- if staff was even paying enough attention to do so (2) if it wasn't a good time to talk to Kanga then she would hear us talk to the staff -- not that I tell them much anymore anyways.

    I cannot wait until she moves. Limited phone contact and only having to visit 2-3 times/year never sounded so sweet.
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    JJJ, how many days to 18???

    I admire your strength. I would have bailed long ago.
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    562 days until 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Realistically, this move is the beginning of the end. They limit contact with families, they will transition her the rest of the way: Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to TLP to an apartment.
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    There are days when I feel the same way about difficult child 1 and 3. difficult child 1 is in the Community Residence and difficult child 3 is at home. Although they're only 12 and 9, there are days where I just want to tell them to shut up and leave me alone. I wouldn't do it, but there are days...

    After all that she's put you through, I have to say I admire your strength...Thursday can't come soon enough!