No longer speaking to my brother.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Went to my folks today to take a shower (hot water is out), and bury Gracie. I was very ill and had to leave. My bro decided to rake husband over the coals because my kids had popcorn and used towels.

    He told husband that mom is so upset and resentful of husband's actions and not helping out that she doesn't want us around.

    I have told him he is not to speak to my husband that way or speak in front of my kids that way. He held the door open so husband could not leave, the car door. Then he slammed it so hard that husband was afraid he broke something. We had my father's car because husband is to pick them up at the airport and they told us to use it while they were gone.

    When husband came home and he and the kids told me, I was furious. I would be willing to bet he calls my mom in Europe to tattle. I called, told him he had NO right to speak that way in front of my kids, or to my spouse for that matter. He went into the "woe is me I do all this work around here and it isn't even my house and all your little brats do is make messes for me to deal with." ****. I hung up. He called again, I said if he cannot be polite I won't listen, he yelled, I simply said we are no longer family, don't come on my property or send things to my kids. And hung up again.

    I am willing to bet he will come over here to force me to "work it out" aka see his side and tell him he is right and wonderful and amazing and I am wrong and sh&* and horrible and beg his forgiveness.

    This is the last straw for me. I have tried. My parents can be upset. Their choice. I will not do birthdays with him, or other holidays. Last time this happened I told him he had one last chance. Period.

    Too much is enough.

    Now I have to just stop shaking. I did leave a message on Wiz' facebook so he won't be blindsided by gfgbro when they get back.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. hearts and roses

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    I'm sorry Susie - that just stinks!

    My loco sister and I had a falling out with PA sister this past weekend - while I was away with H! WTH? Will post in another thread about that, very frustrating.

    Hugs, do what you gotta do~
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    been there done that! It's been 3 years with my 1 sis and we only recently exchanged pleasantries a few weeks ago. My dad had to learn to deal with it. I made it clear that I'd kill her if she came anywhere me or mine. Enough is enough - plain and simple.

    Sorry you had to deal with it!

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    That's no good, but, like the Broom's, sometimes relationships are just too toxic to be healthy to continue. You didn't need this now, tho.

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    I'm sorry, Susie. You don't need his drama going on.