NO means LOVE

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    I was talking to my husband who recalled his own rebellious youth and after listenng to him, this writing rolled out of me. It makes me cry to read it and it is so insightful. What NO means to our kids is at the crux of the issue.
    I didn’t know that NO meant LOVE.
    I thought NO meantMaybe orNot Now orYES.
    I thought NO meant you didn’t Love Me.
    I didn’t know that NO was the turn in the road I needed
    to avoid a collision with CHAOS.
    I didn’t know that tellingme NO over and over
    was meant to save my life
    a little piece at a time.
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    That is so perfectly true. I only hope that my kids get to that point and don't hold on to their current thought that "NO means you must really hate me". That is what I deal with every time I say no. Thanks for the inspiring words.
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    I've seen this but it's been a while... And yes, it's true... My parents said NO a lot, and I think I'm a reasonable person because of that...