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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Just in case anyone was wondering, my son hasn't undergone a miracle transformation and, sadly, magnesium is not a miracle cure... :) Though it may well be helping. Since Monday evening, J has been his old "good for J" self - that is, still rather hyper, still rather prone to argue (but nothing excessive), will do what you ask after two or three times of asking... and sweet. As ever. Told me when he is grown up he is going to marry and bring his wife to come and live with me (very Moroccan). Then he said, very solemnly "And I'll find someone for you!"....
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    Take that as the compliment it was supposed to be, LOL.

    Anything you do in regards to vitamins or supplements may take as much as 2-3 months to show a lasting change, and for many ppl it often gets worse first before it gets better. It seems to me while the body refills or repairs itself, it makes its needs known even more, in other words = the condition you take the vitamin/supplements for actually appears to worsen rather than improve at first. Don't give up just yet...
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    take all the good days you can get, and hold them near. He sounds like he was being very sweet. I agree with mum, any dietary or supplement changes you make need to be consistent and it will take a while to truly see the changes.
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    Plus - no one thing is going to be "the" answer... it will be a combination of things, and this may well be one of them, but there are of course more things to find and try and work through...
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    Your son is 4. Most, if not all, kids either think they want to grow up and marry mommy or daddy or they say they are never leaving home or they will bring their families to live with their parents forever. They have no concept about what the whole marriage etc deal means so they just assume its perfectly wonderful to come back and stay with mommy!

    Heck, my oldest granddaughter wants our entire family to live together! That would be a bit strange considering she has a Mommy, step-father and siblings on that side along with her maternal grandmother and aunts and uncles on her moms side and then she has her Daddy and his girlfriend who are about to have her sister, McKenzie and then there would be me and her Papa and she also wants her Uncle Billy and her Uncle Jamie and Aunt Billie and Hailie and Mikey. That would have to be one big house! She doesnt see any reason that would cause any problems because everyone always tries very hard to get along with each other in her presence. She just assumes she has one huge happy
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    I think J sounds like a sweet, loving 4 year old. I think Keyana's idea is wonderful as she wants to be surrounded by the people she loves. I do not want to raise any more children but your post reminded me of the innocence that only lasts for a short while. Enjoy. DDD
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    DDD..I wouldnt want to either after all you have been through!

    I just think that when kids are in that 3, 4, 5, 6 ages they all think life is wonderful and families should live in communes!

    Personally, if I had my druthers and could afford it, I would LOVE to have all my kidlets living on 100 acres so they werent right up under each other but close enough so the kids could all come over to each others houses to play.