No power, snowed in, trying to pack!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by totoro, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well, so the day after Indy died... another storm hit us. They have declared our area officially A State Of Emergency... Roofs are caving in, you can't see over snow berms, the animals are not able to get food. Handicapped people can't get out of their homes. There is no where to put all of the snow.
    So all of out power goes out for all of Thursday, comes back on late that night, no internet until late Friday or cable...
    So today we are finally getting parent reports etc. typed up. We had to shovel the roof for 6 hours to make sure it did not cave in, on Thursday. Then sit in Starbucks... no power in the house, very cold.

    So now we are trying to get it all together.

    K has been up still... She was Hallucinating Thursday night in the middle of the night. The fan was falling apart, she could "see" the motor.

    I think it is her lack of sleep... and Difficult Child'ing the Topamax.
    The girls had GC from Target so we took them there yesterday to get some stuff for the plane... K bought a dog game for her leapster.:pouting:

    She also bought a little brown dog that whimpers and she named it Indy...:pouting: She is not acting sad or upset. Just little things like this.

    She knows we are going to a new psychiatrist. She is OK with this. She did not like psychiatrist3... She is happy she is off of Topamax she did not like that either.
    I am sick of filling out papers. It was like pulling teeth getting K to answer the questions for the 2 forms for her... We have only finished 1 so far.

    I did buy some bath salts and actually got her to take a bath!!!

    I will post more later....
  2. Jena

    Jena New Member


    ugh i'm sorry you are stuck in the middle of the mess, sounds good that she is ok with the new doctor. yes the forms are a nightmare to fill out my difficult child never answers them i ask she tells me i circle the answer.........i know i'm bad..........LOL.......

    ok well i hope your roof is ok, hope you all sleep well tonight.........

    jen :)
  3. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    I have not had my TV on, I know you had mountains of snow, how much? Yikes, it sunds scary and frantic and on top of poor Indy and you being under pressure to get on your way etc......YIKES!
    I bet you will be ready to collapse when it is finally on track etc!
    THankfully our snow comes in fits and bursts and while IIRC the TV said today we have triple the normal snow this year so far already- in between our snow, it has melted...and then snowed again. It did not pile up quite like yours is.

    Major hugs to you! Wish I were there to offer a hand to you!!!!!!!!
  4. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Our cat can climb in our kitchen window!!! Which is at least 5ft off the ground!!! You can't see the cars coming when you pull out into traffic because the snow berms are so high! Taller than the cars... around 4-5ft high.
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oh, my toto! That really is BAD. Gosh, I hope the weather lets up on you guys for awhile. I'd say you've had way more than your fair share of snow already.

    Sounds like K is working thru her feelings about Indy in her own child's way. That can be a very good thing. Kids don't process death the same as we do.

    I hope your roof holds up. I grumble at having to shovel the walk, I can't imagine having to shovel my roof.

    Sending many hugs and have a safe trip.
  6. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    WOW, Arizona is going to be serious culture shock for you guys.

    Stay safe and keep in touch~~
  7. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    OK now.....totoro, I know we are all taught it is nice to share, BUT.........lets not get carried away here. Now I KNOW you are overwhelmed there with unbelievable amounts of snow....but, I do not want so much more. LOL. Yes, I know we have been lucky and while we have triple the average snow this year that FELL here, we had the good fortune to get it in slightly smaller doses and we had warm (unseasonably warm)ells in between, so often our snow would melt before new fell.
    Well, we had a rare snow day Friday and I have been digging us out, and guess what? IT'S SNOWING again! LOL. Really, you do not have to share.
    :) Just kidding!!!!!!
    I mean just kidding telling you to not share it....
    My local weather says we are supposed to have 3 snowstorms this coming week! ANd tomorrow? Thunderstorms? Yeesh.
    Such goofy weather.
  8. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    My difficult child says he's going to invent teleporters when he grows up. I know this doesn't help you now...

    FWIW, we're getting snow, sleet, thunder and lightning.
  9. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    Not to be annoying or unsympathetic but it is 75 here!!!!!!:hot:
    I think Dallas is migrating towards the equator.:mad:
  10. nvts

    nvts Active Member

    Not being a jerk here either, but it hit 58 here today! We're in NYC and for the 1st time in 75 years, we had NO SNOW for the entire month of January.

    And I know why too...

    I did it...

    Wanna know how?...

    I had boots, coats and mittens for the kids by August!

    Just remember, just cause you plan ahead doesn't mean you won't get screwed in the end!


  11. Blondie

    Blondie New Member

    Thundersnows here too. And lotsa accidents because for some reason the plows have gotten beyond lackadaisical (the fact of SuperBowl Sunday helped not at all, lol ~sigh~ ).

    So this morning, whilst it thundered & lighteninged after a whole night of snow followed by "wintery mix" (what the hecfk? Who invented that term? THey ought to be slapped grr), behold: Not Even The Snow Emergency and School Bus/Access Roads are plowed?


    Just repeat after me, Toro:

    THis too shall pass, AND It Will Be Warm (with power! Yay!) in Arizona!

    Much luck & good wishes for your trip & consult with-new doctor.

    Sending good thoughts!


    Blondie, Midwest Snowed In & Snowed Out Membership Coordinator Bleech!
  12. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    Blondie- I was thinking last week for here? There have been an enormous amount of snow plow "accidents" here by me. The snow plows have all season been doing things like running stop signs, running red lights, backing up on hwys, and several have run up onto sidewalks etc and hit and killed pedestrians etc here. Fri I was on a 4 lane rd, (2 lanes n each direction) I was in far right lane, snowplow was going opposite way, was in his own far right lane, and then he drifted off and came all the way to MY lane, sending me up off the shoulder. Then the plow continued plowing going the wrong way.
    I do not remember any other winter where I have heard of so many snowplow "accidents" Is this the kinds of accidents you are talking about?
  13. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    And yes, it is thundersnowing here as I type. Again.
    and bad bad fog.Again. Pea soup. 6 new inches in the overnite again (on top of the 2.7 that fell in an hour last nite dureing superbowl) And more predicted in upcoming days.
  14. Blondie

    Blondie New Member

    Yup, Dreamer, we've had some of the Snowplow Insanity accidents, although usually it had to do with overconfidence on the part of both the Plow driver AND other vehicles, combined with gale-gust winds last week . No one has been killed by an insane snowplow/driver combo here that I know of, tho, thank all Deities! Gosh that is HORRIBLE!

    But. We've had, during the aforementioned dreadful wind days, people -- pedestrians! literally blown into the road whilst waiting to cross. It happened to my youngest difficult child a week ago exactly: she was blown into the SIDE of a stopped car at a crossing. Omg. She was shaken up & had a couple of bruises, but the driver of said care freaked the heck out. Poor guy. He & his wife demanded that difficult child get into the car so they could drive her the block or so to HER car -- which was where she was trying to get to in the first place in order to go to class. Yeow.

    Course it would help if she weighed more than not-quite-100 lbs to begin with, but... A whole nother story, that one is.

    Turned out that class, in fact the whole College, was shut down & cancelled for the rest of that day and all a.m. of the next, after all that hoorah.

    In fact, the Interstate has been shut down multiple times just north of us.
    You're right: What totally bizarre weather.
    Every winter husband & I look at each other and say"Omg. tell me again why we live in Iowa??" Heh.

    Stay warm and stay safe! (and stay indoors, pls! ) :hugs:

    Blondie, horrified on your behalf
  15. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    YIKES for your difficult child!
    Right after I posted last a huge bolt of lightening hit, amidst the snowflakes and a very very long rumbling of thunder followed. The flash of lightening musta reflected off the snow becuz it at first appeared slightly different looking than usual, LOL, so everyone here jumped. LOL.
    We have had a few days of very high winds, 80 MPH one day, 60 MPH on a few days here and there, but the only horrible things I have heard from the wind were a train that got swept off the tracks, 3-4 miles from me but then turned out that was a freak Jan tornado. If people have been getting blown down, I have not heard, LOL- and my kids are very much insiders, LOL. And my kids are all a lil larger than sounds like your difficult child is?
    I can tell you, my brother is currently a snow plow driver and I let him catch my venting for all his peers. (his defense? it's his side job, what does THAT have to do with anything?)
    I know your weather usually moves over after you get it and comes by me. Well, I told totoro, she does not have to share from her state, and I will say, LOL- I am in no hurry to share icky weather from your state or timerladys or anyone elses, either, LOL. I will do my best to not share my weather with those east of me, too. LOL. Maybe if we all work together we can put a stop to this goofy weather? ROFL.

    So the kids said um, mom, no way are we gonna go out and shovel in a thunderstorm! OK< they have me, there. I suppose it prolly is NOT the best idea.