No psy evaluation today :(

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Jan 9, 2012.

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    They called after we were on the way (this place is 2 hours away from my home) to say the doctor's child was sick and she wouldn't be there today.

    The doctor called shortly afterwards to apologize. She tried to get him in with a colleague but everyone was fully booked. She is only to call tomorrow to reschedule, hopefully later this week.

    difficult child returns to dorm tomorrow. Has been nicer since running off Friday night/Saturday. Still bizarre spending hours in the frigid backyard last night on the computer. He was on Skype. I could overhear some...mainly flirting with a girl.

    Just all torn up today about him leaving. I need the break so badly but am equally afraid for what he will do. I know I can control nothing. Thankfully, there is an Al-anon meeting tomorrow right after I drop him off.

    I've taken three xanax since his stunt Friday. Rarely take them. My memory is shot. Don't know if it is the leftover from the pills or a month plus of constant stress with difficult child. Hoping for improvement.
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    I know the feeling; be good to yourself.
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    Being a parent of a difficult child means that we worry all the time.... - I hope that you can get a break from all this stress. HUGS to you.
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    Hugs Alabamagirl...can totally understand the stress you've been under lately AND the memory loss.

    Hope between the Al Anon meeting and the Xanax You get some relief.