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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jan 6, 2009.

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    We've been attempting to get kt back into day treatment per her IEP & the criteria that was included for that placement.

    There are no openings at this time - next best move would be home bound schooling. I want kt to keep up with her academics however I don't want her sliding back into her agoraphobic tendencies. kt loves the idea of school from home. She never wants to leave the house except to go to respite & she's begun balking at that as well.

    In the meantime, in home therapist & I set up a schedule for kt to follow while she's here at home. It includes reading for one hour, math, spanish study & then artwork with me each evening.

    Chores (which includes walking Sally 2x daily) & "school" must be completed before she can get on her computer to play Sims or take a nap.

    We are also going to set her up for volunteer work at the humane society. kt has agreed & in fact, seems to be looking forward to this. I knew right away when kt refused school after winter break I needed to get something in place.

    I'd rather day treatment opens up - she needs to be out & about among some of her peers again.
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    In situations like this our districts will offer "homebound" at a site other than home--ie at school, the library, at another school site. Still use a homebound instructor and if needed, reduced hours, but choosing another site than home for kids who need to get out.
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    I agree, she needs to be out and about with her peers.
    Do you think the opening at day treatment will open up again? How did it close to begin with?

    It sounds like you have got her day all organized and planned which is what I did with difficult child when he was home schooled. So that is awesome. It just worried me, as you mentioned, that she will resume her agoraphobic tendencies. This is also what happened when my difficult child started homeschooling, and 5 years later, he is still having trouble shaking it.

    Can you also get her involved maybe in homeschool social groups? Those were pretty benefecial for us. As well as the volunteering.

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    we did homebound at library but our school only does minimum hours of homebound per week
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    I hope a spot opens soon. I thought if it was part of the iep they had to provide for it?
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    We also did home schooling at the library. My district only allowed 2 hours per day. Truthfully that was even too much. My daughter just could not sit still and focus for 2 straight hours. She also so needed the interaction with her peers as she lacks social skills. So that didn't last too long.

    Great idea for her to do volunteer work at the Humane Society. Good luck. :)
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    Like Sharon (WO), since day treatment is included in her IEP, I think it has to be provided. However, I know it can impossible to get some SDs to get off their arses and do anything at all!!! I didn't think your SD was one of them. I agree, I don't think homeschooling is the way to go if she has agoraphobic tendencies.

    Anyway, lots of bead rattling, nekkid chicken dancing, etc. being done!!! Seriously, lots of prayers going your way that kt gets appropriate help ASAP!!!

    Sending lots of hugs your way... WFEN