No, she really is back this time...they broke up.

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Last night while H and I were out buying Easter candy, difficult child texted me and said that easy child was home crying hysterically. I texted back, "April Fools Day, right?" - hahaha.

    Then difficult child called me and said it was true, that easy child had come home and asked difficult child to help her carry all her stuff up into her room, crying the whole time. difficult child said she gave her a hug and went out to buy easy child some chocolate (which easy child didn't eat, because she couldn't stomach anything).

    I wasn't entirely sure what to say, so I asked easy child if she wanted to talk about it (she didn't), so I hugged her, said I was sorry she was so sad and left her to her crying.

    Today, she told me that it was a mutual thing - she and Casper broke it up because niether of them 'wasn't into it'. What does that mean? Sounds so silly.

    Anyway, I'm not saying a word - just going about my business. Still taking it all in, reconciling myself with it. Does it matter what I think? No.

    So, easy child is back at home in her little pink room, forced to listen to us, those she moved away from because we were too much for her. Hahahahaha - so funny.
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    Well, that situation certainly resolved itself.

    Was she crying over the breakup or because she had to come home to your rules? (LOL)

    I think the "was into it" thing means "love". Guess they discovered the feelings they had for each other weren't the lasting kind. Oh, well. It happens.

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    Seriously, hound dog - I hate that she wasted 2 years more of her life on him....again. But it is not my life and I am keeping my mouth comments at all. And I feel good about that. My heavily practiced detachment skills have been put to good use and are working for me. Yeah! Three weeks ago I would have had a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself. Now H and I just go for rides and talk instead, haha. I don't even say anything about it to difficult child. It is such a feeling of inner peace to let it go and not be as invested in these things like I used to be!! You will keep practicing it and get it down too.