No St Patrick's day post??


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Whadja all do?

Not being very Irish (there is a little in me somwhere...maybe on the few freckles on my nose!), I don't usually go all out. I hate cooked cabbage, so never do corned beef and cabbage.

I did have some country spare ribs in the fridge. I was planning on braising them, but while on the phone with my aunt, she suggested cooking them with sauerkraut and brown sugar with onions. The brown sugar part turned me off a bit so I eliminated that and just used a bit of the College Inn broth with roasted vegetable and garlic. I sauted the ribs with an onion to render some of the fat and then added the drained sauerkraut, broth, salt, pepper and garlic. It was good and a bit Irish (I guess), though husband said it was very much like a polish food that his grandma used to make.

We had beer too, so how's that for a semi-Irish dinner?

Missy asked if she could have soda with dinner, since it was a holiday. I thought that was funny!


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Shure an I was going to have the green beer and then me doctor said it's not good for yer teeth.

So i had water - and cold BBQ chicken, macaroni salad.....and a (looks to see if healthy board is listening).......Reese cup.

I'm a lot Irish - But don't care for corned beef - and I have to work in an office that is tight quarters - so they wouldn't like cabbage.

Odd - my shamrocks did not bloom this year - I ususally get little white flowers on them. No flowers -


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Mostly Irish in this household and didn't do the corned beef thing! My kids don't like it (stringy meat!) and husband's gallbladder is blowing up.

difficult child 3 asked if I could make meatloaf and shape it like a shamrock.

We had shamrock shaped meatloaf for dinner. At least we stayed sort o' Irish and had potatos!

Hope everyone enjoyed the "wearin' o' the green" for the day!




Well I was too darned tired to make the traditional so the meal will be tonight. I am way Irish and love corned beer and cabbage. Yum. Just after a long day of appointments and driving forever just didn't feel like fixing it last night.



Beth you crack me up. I know they serve Green Beer, but haven't found the place that sells the corned beer and cabbage...
I have not a lick of Irish in me, but I LOVE corned beef. Tink is about 1/4 Irish, there is no way she would even try corned beef, so I did not bother making it.

However, tomorrow is St. Joseph's day. I will be making Italian food. (like I already don't make it 3X a week).


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Hubby and I went out...and had Mexican food. I am very Irish, but didn't feel like cooking and didn't want to fight the crowds at the Irish pub that recently opened. We did wear green, though.


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Geez...I spent my day in classes to get a Health Card and a TAM card. Really, really boring. I didn't even realize it was St. Patty's Day.



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Well, I'm mostly Scottish but we still celebrate. I had difficult child#2 and wife and kids plus my mother and we had the traditional corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes and carrots. Even the little kids liked it. I made Irish soda bread and the old "Better than Robert Redford" dessert with pistachio pudding so it would be green. I hadn't made that for a long time but it was good and the grandkids loved it. I get satellite radio through my satellite TV so we put on a station that was playing all Irish music for the day. It almost killed difficult child I think but he was good and didn't complain.